Air valve on the packaging

May 24, 2024

        As an important packaging material, the packaging bag air valve not only protects the product from the external environment, but also needs to consider its own packaging performance. The role of the packaging bag air valve is to make necessary adjustments and controls on the packaging bag to ensure the normal use of the packaging bag during storage and transportation.

The role of the air valve on the packaging bags

1. Prevent the explosion of the packaging bags

        When the packaging bag generates internal or external pressure during transportation or use, if there is no suitable exhaust system, it will cause pressure on the packaging bag and even cause the packaging bag to explode. Therefore, the packaging bag valve balances the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the packaging bag by discharging excessive gas or inhaling fresh air to prevent the packaging bag from suddenly breaking or exploding.

2. Reduce the volume of the packaging bags

        The volume of the packaging bags sometimes needs to be properly adjusted during transportation and storage to increase the cargo loading capacity or reduce the storage space. At this time, the packaging bag air valve plays a good role, reducing the volume of the packaging bag by exhausting or inhaling air into the packaging bag.

3. Prevent pollutants from entering the packaging bags

        When using packaging bags in some special environments, such as high altitude, high temperature, high humidity or harmful gas, it is easy to cause gas exchange between pollutants inside the packaging bag and the external environment, thus affecting the quality and shelf life of the packaging bag. The packaging bag air valve can ensure that the inside of the packaging bag won’t be contaminated by pollutants through its exhaust and inhalation functions to ensure the quality and shelf life of the product.

Common types and selection points of packaging bag air valves

        At present, there are three main types of packaging bag air valves commonly used in the market: odor valves, automatic exhaust valves and automatic control valves.

        Different types of packaging bag valves have different application ranges and functions. Choosing an air valve suitable for your own packaging bag requires considering the following aspects:

Type and size of packaging bags

        Different types of packaging bags and sizes require different types and specifications of breathing valves to ensure the safety, stability and reliability of the air valve.

Quality of air valve

        Choose products from certified and reliable air valve manufacturers to ensure the quality and performance of the valve.

Use environment of air valves

        Different use environments require different types of breathing valves to ensure the best effect of the breathing valve.

        In short, as an important part of the packaging bag, the breathing valve of the packaging bag is crucial to protecting the safety and stability of the product and the packaging bag. It is necessary to reasonably select different types of breathing valves according to the actual situation, and carry out necessary inspections and maintenance during use.

Two kinds of valves

        We often use one-way exhaust valves on packaging bags. One-way exhaust valve is a common packaging material that can effectively control the direction of gas flow in plastic bags. It usually consists of multiple small holes and a one-way exhaust valve, which can discharge the internal gas when the air pressure is high to prevent the air pressure change from damaging the plastic bag. The main function is to control the flow direction and discharge of the gas inside the plastic bag to prevent the packaging material from bursting or leaking when the air pressure or temperature changes. In addition, it can also ensure the freshness and quality of the packaging. For example, something like food, medicine, etc. needs to maintain a certain atmosphere level and humidity. The existence of a one-way exhaust valve in a plastic bag can control the changes in the internal atmosphere and maintain the quality of the product.

        On the back of the coffee packaging bag, we often see a round convex air valve with a circle of small holes around it. Here is a brief introduction to the role of this air valve. The roasted coffee beans are sealed and packaged in aluminum foil bags. Since aluminum foil has good barrier and aroma-preserving properties, it can prevent the coffee beans from contacting light and air, which causes the aroma to quickly dissipate and oxidize.

        This exhaust device is called a one-way air valve, also called a one-way air permeable valve for coffee bags, which is used to exhaust the gas in the coffee packaging bag in one direction. The difference between the one-way exhaust valve and other products is that the one-way exhaust valve has a filter that can isolate the influence of powder materials on the exhaust valve. It also allows the gas in the packaging bag to be discharged while preventing the solids (including dust) in the packaging from escaping, and ensures that the outside air cannot enter the bag.

        Because coffee will continue to discharge carbon dioxide (CO2) for a period of time after roasting, the coffee bag will be filled with gas without a one-way valve, which is easy to burst. The one-way air valve can also discharge the oxygen in the coffee packaging bag while discharging carbon dioxide, preventing the coffee from oxidizing and producing oil and producing odor, which affects the quality of the coffee.

        With this one-way air valve, it is also more convenient for us to choose coffee. Just squeeze the bag to smell the coffee and choose the coffee that suits your taste.

        In addition, the air holes of the "exhaust valve" of the coffee packaging can isolate the light and air outside the packaging bag from intrusion, so that the coffee beans can be kept in the best preservation packaging state and keep the freshness of the coffee beans.

        Generally speaking, the one-way air valve improves the impact resistance of plastic packaging bags. When the packaging bag filled with goods is transported or falls from a height, the air in the bag can be discharged from the one-way exhaust valve, reducing the shock wave generated by the residual air in the bag, reducing or avoiding the resulting broken package.

        At the same time, we often see some exhaust valves on some express packages. 

        The express exhaust valve plays an important role in express parcels. It can avoid damage to the package caused by excessive air pressure, and it can also protect the outer packaging of the package to ensure the safe transportation of the goods. Therefore, when transporting express parcels, it is very necessary to choose a suitable exhaust valve, install and use it reasonably, and strengthen maintenance.

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