Application of hot stamping technology in packaging

May 15, 2024

        The hot stamping process uses the principle of hot pressure transfer to the aluminum layer in anodized aluminum to the surface of the substrate to form a special metallic effect. Since the main material used for hot stamping is anodized aluminum foil, hot stamping is also called anodized aluminum hot stamping.

(The advantage of hot stamping technology is that it can increase the texture and grade of packaging products enhancing the brand value. Meanwhile it can also quickly increase product sales.)

        Anodized aluminum foil is usually composed of multiple layers of materials, with the base material such as PE, followed by separation coating, color coating, metal coating (aluminized) and glue coating.

        What is commonly used in the printing industry is to hot stamp electrochemical aluminum foil on paper, which is called hot stamping. Hot stamping is a general term for a process. Hot stamping does not mean that what is stamped is gold. There are many kinds of hot stamping paper materials, including gold, silver, laser gold, laser silver, black, red, green and so on.

        The hot stamping process can choose rich hot gold, clear and beautiful patterns, and full of metallic luster.


1. The entire surface of the product is hot stamped without ink residue;

2. No unpleasant smell such as ink, no air pollution;

3. The color pattern can be stamped in one step to reduce losses;

4. The process is simple. The production management and process operations are smooth, and the product quality insurance factor is large;

5. Wide processing range, suitable for paper, wood, plastic, leather, etc.



1. Not suitable for hot stamping substrates with uneven, pitted or matte surfaces;

2. Metal, glass, ceramic, nylon and other products are generally not suitable for hot stamping unless they are first painted or screen printed;

3. Matching of pattern color and workpiece background color: During hot stamping, the color of anodized aluminum (gold, silver, copper, inner red, inner blue) has a strong hiding power, and even if the background color of the workpiece is black, it can be completely covered; however, When using transfer paper with lighter colors such as white or yellow on a black background for hot stamping, the covering effect is not as good as pad printing or screen printing.


The kinds of hot stamping processing technology

Cold foil printing

        Cold foiling refers to a processing technology that uses special ink to transfer the anodized aluminum layer to the substrate to achieve a hot stamping effect. Because the whole process does not require heating, it is also called cold perm.

Hot stamping

        Hot stamping actually mainly transfers the anodized aluminum to the stamped object by heating the basic template. Generally speaking, the mold is mounted on the stamping plate and heated, and then the metal foil is placed between the mold and the material to be hot stamped. When the mold is pressed down on the substrate, the heat is released, causing the color layer to separate from the metal. Foil covers the final substrate.

Ordinary flat ironing

        The most common hot stamping, leaving white space around, is to highlight the hot stamping body. Compared with other hot stamping, the production process is relatively simple. If the quantity is not large, zinc plate hot stamping can be used.

        Flat ironing refers to an impression with a flat reference surface, which is hot stamped on a flat workpiece or a certain part of the workpiece. This kind of impression can be a convex image and text that are hot-stamped on a flat surface; it can also be a flat silicone plate that is hot-stamped on a convex image and text.

Real anti-white hot stamping

        Contrary to the flat ironing production method, the subject part is left blank, and the background part is hot stamped. The size of the hot stamping area is determined according to the product design needs. If the hot stamping area is large, it needs to be considered whether its adhesion performance meets the process requirements.

Set hot stamping

        According to the needs of the picture, in order to skillfully combine the hot stamping and printing parts, printing is done first and then hot stamping. The registration process is relatively high during the production process and accurate positioning is required to achieve perfect results.

Refractive hot stamping

        When making hot stamping plates, the main image and background graphics are separated by lines of different thicknesses or directions to form a refraction effect and emphasize the artistic sense of graphic lines. Laser engraving is usually used.

Multiple hot stamping

        Multiple hot stamping on the same graphic area more than twice requires multiple processes. At the same time, attention must be paid to whether the two gold foils are compatible to prevent weak adhesion.

Relief hot stamping

        Relief hot stamping pays more attention to the hot stamping texture rather than the embossing effect. In common an embossed hot stamping version is used and the convex height needs to be within the range that the surface tension of the gold foil can bear.

        The product processed by embossed hot stamping technology will have a relief-like three-dimensional pattern effect, so the first printing and then hot stamping process is used. At the same time, due to its high precision and high-quality requirements, it is more suitable to use hot stamping technology.

Special effect texture hot stamping

        According to creative needs, special effect texture bronzing is produced to highlight different special mechanical effects.

        The hot stamping process is now widely used in various printing and packaging fields. It is also the only printing technology that can produce a bright, non-discoloring metallic effect on paper, plastic, cardboard, and other printing surfaces.

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