Do you know Pillow Bag?

May 31, 2024

        Pillow bags are a common form of packaging that is similar to the shape of a pillow. They are often used for packaging food or daily necessities, such as snacks, instant noodles, coffee, etc. It features one edge that is heat-sealed or sealed, making it suitable for packaging small foods or items. They’re usually made of plastic film, aluminum foil, etc., which can maintain the freshness and storability of food.

Pillow bags for food are mainly used for packaging the following food:

        Nuts: such as almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc.

        Snack food: potato chips, biscuits, popcorn, etc.

        Candies and chocolates.

        Dried food: such as raisins, red dates, etc.

        Powdered food: milk powder, coffee powder, soybean powder, etc.

        Meat snacks: beef jerky, pork jerky, etc.

        Cereal food: such as oatmeal, etc.

        Coffee beans

The production process of pillow bags includes the following main steps:

        Material selection and formula design: Select appropriate raw materials, such as LLDPE, LDPE, MPE, TIE (adhesive resin), EVOH (MXD6 nylon), copolymerized nylon PA6, 66, masterbatch (black, white), opening agent and Smooth agent, etc. According to product requirements, design a reasonable three-layer or multi-layer co-extruded film structure and formula.

        Film extrusion: The raw materials are heated and melted through an extruder, and then extruded to form a multi-layer film. During the extrusion process, parameters such as temperature, pressure and extrusion speed need to be controlled to ensure the quality and performance of the film.

        Printing and lamination: Print the film to display product information and brand identity. Then, as needed, it can be compounded, such as compounded with other materials, to enhance the barrier properties of the packaging.

        Slitting and bag making: Slit the printed and laminated film to make pillow bag sheets of the required size. The sheets are then made into pillow bags through a bag making machine.

        Packaging and sealing: Put the product into a Bailey bag and then seal it to ensure the sealing and freshness of the package.

        Inspection and quality control: Inspect the completed pillow bags, including inspection of appearance quality, sealing performance, barrier performance, etc., to ensure that the product meets relevant standards and requirements.

The main sealing methods of food bag pillow bags are as follows:

        Heat sealing: The plastic materials at the mouth of the bag are heated to fuse them together to achieve sealing. This is a common method.

        Adhesive sealing: Use adhesive to seal the bag mouth.

        Ultrasonic sealing: Use the energy of ultrasonic waves to fuse and seal plastics.

        Ligation sealing: For some pillow-shaped bags made of softer materials, ligation can be used to seal them.

The following are some creative design examples of food pillow bags:

Case 1: Nut and potato chip pillow bags

        The combination of transparent and colorful printing shows the attractive appearance of nuts. Cute nut images and interesting slogans are drawn on the bag, adding fun and appeal.

Case 2: Dried fruit pillow bags

        Designed in fresh fruit colors, such as strawberry red, lemon yellow, etc., it is printed with realistic fruit patterns and concise product information, giving people a fresh and natural feeling.

Case 3: Chocolate Pillow bags

        With gorgeous gold and black as the main colors, paired with exquisite chocolate patterns and unique brand logos, it shows high-end quality and unique style.

Case 4: coffee beans or coffee powder pillow bags

        The kind of bags are always used to package coffee beans or coffee powder. However, many pillow bags for coffee beans need to be added to a valve to keep the beans fresh.

        In the application of coffee bags, pillow bags can be used to package products such as coffee beans, coffee powder or instant coffee. Its advantages include:

Freshness preservation: It can effectively block oxygen and moisture to maintain the freshness and flavor of coffee.

Portability: The shape of the Bailey bag is easy to carry and suitable for single or small portion coffee packaging.

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