What is spout drink pouches?

February 03, 2023

What is spout drink pouches?

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    Spout drink pouches are one kind of new packaging pouches for beverage and jelly developed on traditional stand up pouches.

    The structure of spout drink pouches is mainly divided into two parts: the nozzle and the stand up pouch. The structure of their materials is the same as that of the ordinary stand up pouches,while the nozzle part can be regarded as adding a straw to the mouth of a general bottle. The two parts are tightly combined to form a beverage packaging that is able to be easy to be used for customers. In a word, it is a very ideal new beverage packaging.

Why are spout drink pouches so popular in the market? 

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The answer is...

Reason 1: The materials of spout drink pouches

    The materials are made of environmentally friendly materials which are supported nowadays. Therefore, the market recognizes this kind of materials. At the same time, spout pouches play a excellent performance in corrosion resistance, water resistance, oil resistance as well as service life.

Reason 2: Printing feature

    The spout pouches can be printed on their surface directly.Thus, not only the unique shape but also the colors on the pouches can attract customers, mainly playing a role in promoting manufacturers and products.

Reason 3: Reasonable price

    The reasonable price improves the cost performance of the spout pouches, and the market has been unanimously recognized based their good prices. 

Reason 4: Large market demand

    Many industries need special packaging with good performance,so the market demand is very large.

Reason 5: Practical and creative

    The spout pouches have strong practicability with better sealed and more durable performance. The overall design is good for people to use.

Good hygiene and safety

    The materials for the spout pouches should be non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, stable in chemical properties and not react with the contents. During the production process, the amount of residual solvents must be strictly controlled, and the amount of residual solvents must meet the national standards (0.01mg/ for benzene, 5mg/ for total amount).

Excellent sealing performance

    Sealing is the basic function of the spout pouches. There should be no leaks or leaks in long-term storage. The heat-sealing material of the bags must have excellent low-temperature heat-sealing performance and heat-sealing strength (heat-sealing temperature-135, heat-sealing strength of PET composite product-50N/15mm, heat-sealing strength of NY composite product-60N/15mm.

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Selection skills of spout drink pouches

1. Observation with eyes

    Toxic plastic bags are relatively dirty. The plastic surface is unevenly stretched and has small particles. Moreover, the nozzle need observing whether it meets food grade etc..

2. Listen with your ears

    When the plastic bag is shaken vigorously by hand, the crisp sound indicates that it is a normal plastic bag; the one with a small and dull sound is possibly a toxic plastic bag .

3. Touch with your hands

    Touch the surface of the spout pouch with your hands.It is normal to be very lubricated; while sticky, astringent, and waxy are possibly poisonous.

4. Smell with your nose

    The normal food spout bags are odorless; those that affect the smell or taste abnormally are toxic.

Precautions for spout drink pouches

    1. There is no particularly high requirement for the material solvent of ordinary spout pouches,as long as the material can be kept at room temperature;

    2. Control the friction coefficient of the film. When the automatic filling machine is filling, the outer surface of the packaging bag film should maintain good smoothness, so that the automatic packaging machine can increase the fluidity of the liquid smoothly during the high-speed operation,and do the filling.

    3. Pay attention to the materials when setting up the structure of the materials. If the materials are too soft, the tension of the spout pouches will be poor. As a result, there will be no three-dimensional effect. In addition, the pouches will easily break under the tension of the high-speed automatic filling machine.

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