Plastic bag making

March 03, 2023
Plastic bag making

        The processes of flexible packaging production are divided into three main processes: printing, lamination, and bag making.

        Bag making is the last production process before delivery to the user, which directly affects the effect of the finished product, so quality control is more important. Today, I will take you to learn about what is the bag making process.

        What is bag making process? We know that the most important function of packaging is to protect all packaged goods,that is, to ensure that the goods will not be damaged, lost or leaked through different environments during the entire circulation process of storage, transportation and sales. Among them, the bag making process is a common packaging way, which is to make a bag-shaped process of films laminated with good heat sealing performance according to customer requirements, punching tear lines, vent holes, hand holes, etc., and cutting the films into individual packaging bags of various sizes and thicknesses. This is called bag making.

        In fact, bag making and bag cutting are completed on one machine. After the roll films are laminated, they are placed on the bag making machine. Before our bag making production, we need to adjust the bag making machine including die adjustment and bag size adjustment etc.. Then the packaging bags can be heat-sealed according to the adjusted size. The heat-sealed material is finally cut into bags according to the adjusted size.Nowadays the production from bag making to bag cutting is basically fully automatic. In addition, some bags need adding a spout , holes or valves, etc. During the process, all finished bags need to be able to withstand the pressure of a certain weight of the content. At the same time, they can protect the products in them. The pouches after bag making are usually able to stand on their own and can better display the products.


A doubt about pouches:

        Some friends have always had a question about packaging pouches before. It’s why puffed food packaging bags are inflated, but other food bags do not? 

        Is it just for looking good? Could it help the food manufacturers reduce costs? The answer is No!

        The phenomenon of food deterioration is almost directly or indirectly related to the oxygen in the air, so in order to prolong the shelf life of food, it is necessary to isolate food from oxygen.

        The principle of inflatable packaging is to try to prevent food from direct contact with air, and to isolate food from oxygen through "inert" gas, so as to prevent food from spoiling.

        Generally speaking, the inflation in these puffed food packaging bags is mainly nitrogen.

        First of all,nitrogen is chemically inert and non-oxidizing. Nitrogen-filled packaging can effectively remove oxygen, thereby inhibiting the oxidation of food and the reproduction of microorganisms.

        Second, nitrogen can resist the intrusion of external moisture. The positive pressure environment created by the nitrogen-filled packaging can prevent the food inside from getting wet and delay the deterioration of the food.

        Third, nitrogen filling can also protect food from being crushed. Snack food like potato chips are crispy and brittle. Packing them in a nitrogen-filled bag is equivalent to being equipped with a gas buffer, thus solving the fragility problem during storage and transportation.

        All in all, the reason why the packaging inflated is mainly to protect the food inside. Nitrogen is used as the inflatable gas because of its reasonable price, non-toxic and harmless characteristics.

        Of course, in order to fill the bag with nitrogen,the materials of the packaging bag also have a good isolation function, such as aluminum foil and other materials.

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