Some of the orders of different types of packaging recently

An order of stand up bags from Bahrain

Stand Up Kraft Paper Pouches With Oval Window Ziplock Packaging Bag

        Inquiry time:About December 20th,2022

        The client runs a well-known food factory in Bahrain. I remembered that the customer's response was not very fast because it was approaching Christmas, but after the Christmas holiday, the customer told me that he wanted to order 50,000 pieces of stand-up bags to hold their dry food, and wanted us to send samples to him. I said no problem. At the same time, he also asked if there was a fee for making a sample of a customized bag. I said,“Yes, but we can provide you with renderings of customized bags for free.”So the customer agreed and our designer made him an effect with his company logo figure. Finally, he decided to want some samples without logo, paying for the shipping cost at once. 

        After receiving the samples, the customer felt that the quality of our products was very good. Meanwhile they also conducted a multi-dimensional product test for the first time. Both the sensory and functional effects were very good, so he directly turned the order of 50,000 bags into Ordered 180,000 pieces and paid us a deposit within a week.

Quality Laser foil pouch Manufacturer 

Quality Laser foil pouch Manufacturer 

           Quality Laser foil pouch Manufacturer 

        After receiving the deposit, we arranged for production immediately, and updated photos and videos to him in time to let him know about the production as well as the situation of his factory he shared with us. The process was enjoyable! But in the process of production, some small accidents still happened. When I sent some pictures of the finished bag to the customer, He was a little surprised and asked me why he couldn’t see his logo? I was also shocked that he needn’t customized bags with his logo, but only asked me to produce bags according to the previous samples I sent him. The customer was a little disappointed. He said that his company was very famous in the local and the bags with their logo would bring great help to their reputation. So I came up with a plan and applied to the boss to make free label stickers for customers so as to stick them directly on the bags. Seeing that I provided this solution to the customer, He was very satisfied and promised that there would be an order from his sister company for us soon. The goods have been dispatched as scheduled. Our cooperation is very pleasant and we have established a very deep trust. I am looking forward to next cooperation.

An order of fast food packaging boxes

Convenient and Cost-effective Disposable Takeout Meal Boxes Fast Food Packaging

        In January, I sold 10,000 pieces of PP fast food lunch boxes with the customer Robert. The communication with him was very friendly. He was very satisfied with my service. First of all, the customer was very clear about what he needed, and directly provided the materials of the packaging box, as well as the size and capacity, so the whole process was very simple. In addition, the boxes Robert wanted were in stock. If the boxes were customized, more information needed providing, such as brand logo, what pattern needed to be printed for the design of the entire box. As a result, we would analyze and give pricing for the customized boxes,which was more complicated than that of those boxes in stock.Of course, the minimum order quantity for customization would be higher, because of more progresses,such as printing etc.. Robert said that this was only the first order for us. If it ran out, he would order more and cooperate with us for a long time. Appreciate Robert very much for his support and high an opinion of us.

An order of customized Spout pouches

        I received an active contact from Jesus in October last year. The inquiry was about customized spout pouches. The customer's needs were also very clear, sending some information of the pouch to me directly ,such as the design, the size,the material structure and the spout size and so on. At the same time, Jesus wanted to get some samples from us. I sent him all of samples as soon as possible. After receiving the samples, he satisfied with our products as well as changed his design according to our samples at once. It was about two months that he changed his design.I kept in touch with him during the two months, chatting about his life and the progress of design. One day we received the customer's payment information without informing me. It was really amazing! This was the first time I got overwhelmingly the trust my customer had placed in me, and during this transaction, the customer was very relieved to let me do everything. During the production process, I updated for the customer at any time, and introduced to the customer what stage of the production now, sending the production video to the customer so that the customer could rest assured at all times. In this process, we constantly improved the trust with our customer and promoted friendly relations.

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