How can we choose a right pouch for our industry

April 27, 2023

For food industry

        Food packaging pouches can be seen everywhere in our daily life, and they are already indispensable daily necessities for people.

        Many start-up food suppliers are always full of doubts when choosing food packaging bags. Now I will show you how to choose the right pouches.

        Generally speaking, food packaging pouches will take several bag shapes such as Stand Up Pouch, Eight Side Seal Pouch, and Shaped Pouch.

        Most of the food needs a pouch with a certain amount of storage space, so the stand up pouch has become the main choice of the majority of food merchants. Sellers can decide the size and bag type of the packaging bag according to the size of their products and how much they plan to put in a

Customized Eight-side Sealing Bag With Zipper Coffee Bag

bag. Food ,such as,beef jerky, dried mango, etc. have a certain volume, but the capacity of a package is not particularly large. You can choose a stand up pouch with zipper(the zipper can be reused to protect the food from moisture and deterioration).

Brand Best Custom Bags | Customizable Portable Snack Bag Stand Up Pouch With Window 

        If there are some seasoning bags, or if the bag needs to be packaged independently, you can directly choose a stand up pouch or a back side sealed bag. Because the seller's products can be used up after opening the bag and there is no need to choose zippers at this time, which can better control the cost.

        In terms of material structures, beef jerky, dried mango or seasonings need to be moisture-proof, so aluminum or PE materials are required, which can effectively isolate the humidity in the air and prolong the shelf life of food.

        If the product is rice or pet food, you can choose an eight-side seal pouch. The pouch has plenty of storage space as well as great looking which can draw customers’ attention.

Customized Stand Up Zipper Bag Food Packaging Pouch With Window

        Of course, in order to better attract consumers' attention, some snacks and candy products will make the pouches into special shaped pouches. This kind of pouches can hold enough products and stand out from the crowd.

Custom Shaped Pouch Christmas Plastic Bag Food Storage Big Logo Eco Friendly Packaging

Wholesale Jar Bottle Shaped Pouch Resealable Plastic Food Storage Pouches With Zipper

        If the product is like jelly or juice, you can choose a drink pouch with spout. The purpose of the design is mainly to make it easier for consumers to inhale, and the unique shape can also attract consumers in the first place. In addition, since the spout pouch is filled with liquid substances, it is necessary to choose a material that can make the spout pouch stiff.

Custom Juice Jelly Packaging Bags Drink Pouch Spout Pouch

Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch with Large Diameter Spout - Perfect for Liquid Storage

        If the product is coffee beans, you can choose a stand up pouch. The kind of pouch can depart from stand up pouches, stand up pouches with zipper, stand up pouches with valve based on the characteristic of the beans. 

Customized Eight-side Sealing Bag With Zipper Coffee Bag

        At the same time, if you are purchasing general-purpose food packaging pouches, you can also judge whether they are suitable from the following aspects.

    I. Observe the color

Customized Flour Cake Powder Stand Up Pouch | The Best Solution for Brand Customization 

        First of all, don’t buy food with fuzzy printing on the outer packaging; secondly, rub the packaging pouch with clear printing by hand. If you find that they’re easy to discolor, it means that their quality and materials are not good with unsafe factors, so you shouldn’t buy them.

    II. Smell

        Do not buy food packaging pouches with pungent and pungent smells.

    III. Focus on food-grade paper packaging

        Paper packaging is the trend of future packaging. Recycled paper is the same as colored plastic, which is not suitable for use in the food field. Ordinary paper will add additives for some reasons, so you must look for packaging with food grade when purchasing food paper packaging.


For chemical raw materials and additive industries

        Generally speaking, chemical raw materials and additives require large pouches to hold their raw materials to the maximum. Due to the large capacity of the contents, the pouch needs to work hard on the material, and it needs to have good bearing capacity and puncture resistance.

        Paper-plastic composite packaging pouch is the best choice! Paper-plastic composite packaging pouch is a bulk container pouch made of plastic and kraft paper, which is convenient for the transportation and storage of small granular materials. Combined with exquisite and special kraft paper, it has obvious performance advantages during use. Advantages of using paper-plastic composite pouches:

        1. Paper-plastic composite packaging pouch has high composite strength: the inner layer of the product is woven fabric of PP or PE, the outer layer is refined kraft paper, and the middle layer is composite plastic. This product has strong puncture and tear resistance characteristics.

        2. Beautiful appearance: It is made of yellow or white refined kraft paper and has a beautiful appearance after three-color printing.

        3. Good skid resistance: the material is made of paper with a skid resistance of more than 25 degrees, which is easy to stack and convenient for the use and packaging of materials. Paper-plastic composite packaging pouches are suitable for the packaging and transportation of chemical raw materials, food additives, pharmaceutical additives, building materials and other materials.

        Of course, some chemical or engine oil manufacturers will also consider using spout pouches. 

        The reason is that the use of spout pouches can certainly play an environmental role. After consumers have used up the chemicals or engine oil with plastic bottles or barrels, they can purchase chemicals or engine oil in spout pouches, and then put them into the original container, so that the original container can be recycled. Reduce the stress of consuming plastics. Secondly, the portability of the spout pouches and the uniqueness of the pouch type can make them easier for consumers to accept. In addition, the use of spout pouches can also allow manufacturers to reduce production costs. Therefore, if you are a manufacturer of chemical life products or motor oil and gasoline, the spout pouches are a good choice for container selection.

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