How to produce the spout pouch?

April 28, 2023
How to produce the spout pouch?

        Our main business also includes spout pouch, there are many customers in the process of business chat will ask: What is the difference between the production of spout pouches and ordinary packaging pouches? What is the production process of spout pouch? Now let me tell you about these!

Spout pouches and ordinary packaging pouches have some differences in their manufacturing process and components:

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1. Spout pouches have a spout attached to the top for convenient pouring, while ordinary packaging pouches do not have a spout.


2. Spout pouches require special machinery that can attach the spout to the pouch, which makes it a bit costly compared to ordinary packaging pouches.


3. Spout pouches are ideal for liquid or semi-liquid products since they are easy to pour, while ordinary packaging pouches are better for dry products that do not require pouring.


4. Spout pouches usually have multiple layers to provide a barrier against moisture, heat, oxygen, and other external factors that may affect the product quality. Ordinary packaging pouches may or may not have multiple layers, depending on the product.


        Overall, producing spout pouches requires more specialized equipment and materials compared to ordinary packaging pouches, but they offer more convenience to customers when it comes to pouring liquid products.

There are 5 steps in making the spout pouch:

       Kraft Paper Stand Up Drink Pouch Spout Pouch

1.Film Extrusion: The process of creating multi-layered films for the spout is called film extrusion. Different materials such as Polyester, Nylon, and LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) films are used to prepare sturdy, flexible, and durable spouts.


2.Printing: The next step is the printing of the spout. Printing is done on the surface of the laminated film to give the design or pattern to the spout according to the packaging company's requirements.


3.Lamination: In this step, different layers of films (outer layer, middle layer and inner layer) are pressed together into a single sheet of spout pouch film. This step helps to create a barrier against moisture, heat and other external factors.


4.Pouch Making: After the lamination process, the spout pouch is made by cutting the laminated film into the desired size and shape using a cutting machine. The spout and its cap are inserted at this stage to complete the package.


5.Sealing: Finally, the spout pouches are sealed using Heat sealers to make sure that no air or moisture can get inside the package. The heat seal provides a strong bond between the different layers of the spout to give it its stability and strength.

        Once these steps are complete, the spout pouch is ready to be filled and sealed with a variety of liquids, viscous and granular products.

             Self-sealing Liquid Spout Pouch Drink Pouch

In business chat, there are many customers ask: How long is production time?

        But the production time of a spout pouch can vary depending on the manufacturer, the order quantity, and other factors. It's best to check with the specific manufacturer you're interested in working with to get an accurate estimate of production time. 

        So if you want to do the spout pouch for your business, please send me your design of the spout pouch, the size of the pouch, the material of the pouch and your order quantity, then we will make the quotation according to your requirements. 

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