How can we package juice?

May 11, 2023

        There are all kinds of juice products everywhere in people's lives. Whenever people are thirsty or at any time, they may buy juice products. For those companies that produce juice, if they want their goods to be purchased by more consumers, they must do a good job in drink packaging. In fact, when choosing a product, many consumers decide whether to buy it through the product packaging. If the packaging of the product looks very attractive at first glance, it can greatly increase the purchase rate of the product.

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        There are many types of drink packaging. The common ones are glass bottles, plastic bottles, paper-aluminum boxes-polyethylene composite materials, and metal cans. Let's take a look at the drink packaging.

        Looking for a kind of suitable packaging for juice, we must first learn about the storage of juice. The reason why concentrated with a storage period of more than a few weeks generally need to add preservatives. Generally speaking, the preservatives in fruit juice drinks mainly include sulfur dioxide and benzoic acid. Sulfur dioxide can inhibit the degerming reaction, but even in a sealed container and it will slowly dissipate.however,it’s not a long-term preservative. In addition, sulfur dioxide can also combine with aldehydes and radicals that are not good to the our bodies. This is also a disadvantage of sulfur dioxide preservatives. Therefore, the total amount of sulfur dioxide added (as required by law) is actually a bit more than required. Benzoic acid is not as effective at inhibiting the browning reaction, but it does not bleach natural and synthetic pigments as severely as sulfur dioxide. Sulfur dioxide is usually used in the form of sodium sulfite or sodium metabisulfite (or potassium), and is generally used as a preservative in fruit products; benzoic acid is added directly to fruit juice as sodium benzoate.

        Now let's talk about different sorts of packaging for juice!

I.Metal cans and glass packaging for juice

        Beverage containers, including iron cans and aluminum cans, are mainly made of metal cans in the United States, Japan and other countries,. Most of the tin cans are made of tin-plated iron sheet and tin-free iron sheet. The inner coating of beverage cans generally adopts epoxy phenolic type coatings. For more acidic beverages, a layer of vinyl paint is also applied on top of the epoxy phenol coating to improve its corrosion resistance.

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        Pure or preservative-free juice and jams are generally hot-filled and in-bottle pasteurized. The juice goes through a heat exchanger and then has sufficient mechanical strength at 70°C.

        What’s more, there are also many juice drinks and jams that are mostly packaged in glass bottles.

II.Paper plastic and polyethylene packaging

        In recent years, plastic-coated cartons (paper-aluminum box-polyethylene composite materials) have been used for packaging on forming-disposal-fill-sealing packaging machines. Juice drinks sold on the market in summer generally use low-density polyethylene blow-molded bottles, which are disposable packaging and the cost is not high. However, due to the high oxygen permeability of polyethylene, fruit juice beverages are susceptible to oxidation and deterioration, and the shelf life is very short, so they are only suitable for packaging sold in a short period of time. But this kind of packaging is suitable for freshly squeezed juice, and it is also popular in many customers because of its simple style.

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        At present, in addition to glass bottle packaging, fruit juice beverages have generally used polyethylene-coated cartons and flexible packaging made of aluminum foil and plastic film composite materials, they are Drink Spout Pouch. Orange juice is packaged in polyvinylidene oxide/aluminum foil/polyethylene laminated flexible pouches, and its protective effect is better than that of polyester/polyethylene and cellophane/polyethylene. At the same time, in order to attract customers, drink spout pouches are widely used with bright colors and unique shapes.

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