New rules on food packaging in the UK are coming

June 01, 2023

        According to our recent attention to the international packaging field, we found that the decision by the UK Environment Agency to ban single-use plastic items from October 2023 is a significant step towards reducing plastic pollution. Plastic waste is a pressing environmental issue, with over 7 billion out of 9.2 billion tonnes of plastic produced from 1950-2017 ending up as waste. Every minute, the equivalent of one truckload of plastic is dumped into the ocean, directly affecting ecosystems, plant and animal species, and the livelihoods of millions of people around the world.

        The move to ban single-use plastics in England is part of a wider government effort to tackle plastic pollution and transition to a circular economy. The circular economy aims to minimize waste and unnecessary resource use by maximizing the value and use of materials, products, and resources by keeping them in use for as long and efficiently as possible.

        The government's decision follows increased public awareness and concern over plastic waste, with surveys showing that most people in England support the ban on single-use plastic cutlery. The ban will affect businesses and consumers alike, and alternative options to plastic will be promoted. The British government will work with industry and businesses to support transition to more sustainable alternatives.

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        The UK government has made several efforts to reduce plastic waste in recent years, including introducing a plastic bag charge, restricting the use of microbeads in cleaning products, and launching a plastics pact with industry to reduce plastic packaging. The ban on single-use plastics is a strong signal of the government's commitment to tackling plastic pollution and building a greener, more sustainable future.

        The ban on single-use plastics in England is an important step towards reducing plastic waste and pollution. The government's efforts signal a commitment to transitioning to a circular economy, maximizing the use of materials, products, and resources while minimizing waste. The support of this decision by the public and the government's collaboration with industry show a promising future for reducing plastic waste and creating a more sustainable economy. 

        We have many customers from EU member countries, and our cooperation is often based on the packaging of those environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials. Not only do we have a lot of environmentally friendly packaging, but we will continue to cultivate in the field of environmental protection. 

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Thank you for your attention! If you have any additions or pointers to these views, or you have any intention of cooperation, please feel free to contact me to communicate and learn together!

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