Custom stand-up drink bags

June 14, 2023

        In the hot summer, it is a comforting thing to have a cold drink! And what kind of product will make you have the desire to buy at the first sight? Is it the unique packaging of the drink? Custom stand-up drink bags become more and more popular, making beverage packaging unique. Today let's learn about the custom stand-up drink bags!

New Dpgraded Drink Pouch with Dide Hole - Portable Transparent Reusable Juice Bag

        Stand-up drink bags are mainly used in juice drinks, sports drinks, bottled drinking water, inhalable jelly, condiments and other products. Their packaging form is easy to carry and meets the packaging requirements of various foods. They are widely used by enterprises in the fast-moving food industry. In addition to the convenience of use, the form of stand-up drink packaging has absolute advantages in food preservation and airtightness. This kind of bags has a good visual effect on the terminal display shelf and can attract more customers'eyes. With so many advantages, many food companies will consider using this kind of drink bags in packaging design, especially custom drink bags.

     Wholesale Plastic Drink Pouch Clear Juice Drink Packaging With Zipper

        Custom drink bags are mostly composed of different packaging materials such as PET, PE, aluminum film, nylon, etc.. They can be laminated with two or three layers of materials according to different characteristics of the product inside. For example, if the food needs to be kept away from light, you can choose to use aluminum film or aluminum-plated packaging bags. PE material is more suitable for high-temperature resistant products. Nylon has better airtightness and is more suitable for the food that requires higher airtightness. Not only can the materials be selected according to the needs, but the thickness of the packaging can also be adjusted according to the actual needs. For products inside with larger specifications, the thickness of the packaging can be increased to improve the pressure resistance and bearing capacity of the packaging.

Custom drink bags lead the new fashion

        The advantages of custom stand-up drink bag packaging are also convenient for consumers to use. Beverage products packaged in the kind of the pouches are smaller and more convenient to carry than beverages packaged in bottles. At the same time, they can increase the oxygen barrier protection layer in order to reduce the oxygen permeability rate and extend the shelf life of the products.

        There are many kinds of custom drink bags on the market, which can be roughly divided into two types. One is with zippered and punched holes. There is a hole for placing straws, and the other hole is larger for consumers to carry. This is currently the most popular on the market. The other is with a spout. With its own spout, it is very convenient for adults and children to use. Designed with a spout, the drink bag can be sucked or squeezed to drink, attached with a reclosable screw cap device, which is convenient for consumers to carry and use. Regardless of whether it is opened or not, the product can stand upright on a horizontal surface like a bottle, freeing consumers' hands. Moreover, the production cost of drink stand-up bags is much lower than that of cans, plastic or glass bottles, and the transportation and storage costs are also significantly reduced. Compared to bottles, the packaging insulates better, allowing the packaged product to cool quickly and stay cold for longer. In addition, there are some special design elements to the packaging, such as handles, curved contours, laser punching, etc., which can enhance the attractiveness of the custom stand-up drink bags.

        In addition, some stand-up pouch packaging products with high temperature resistance can be directly used for heating. For hot or cold drinks, there is no need to repackage, and they can be directly refrigerated or heated. Bottled beverages are mostly packaged in PET, which is easy to deform when heated at high temperature, and will release harmful substances at high temperatures. Instead, stand-up drink bags have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, which can be directly heated with something harmless to our bodies.

        At present, various beverage companies have launched stand-up drink pouch packaging products one after another to lay out the stand-up drink pouch product market. With the popularization of custom stand-up drink pouch packaging products, consumers will accept them as the promotion of the shape of drink bags. In a word, custom drink bags will also become a kind of packaging favored by beverage manufacturers. 

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