How can packaging reflect the brand

June 16, 2023

        Good packaging can effectively reflect the brand, and meanwhile attract consumers' attention with unique materials, excellent appearance, creative pattern and logo so that consumers can quickly get acquainted with their brand. 

        Therefore, the packaging of the product does play a vital role in the establishment of the brand. I will introduce how to let consumers quickly know about a brand and understand the brand culture from the packaging as the following: 

        How to know a brand through packaging?

        Among them, the packaging materials, shape, design elements, colors on the packaging are all important elements for consumers to understand a brand.

        Although traditional packaging can be departed in some kinds, customized packaging, especially bags, can show a bit different in common stand-up bags, eight-side sealed bags, which maybe shows something special from those common bags through the design of a small window, adding more ropes to the custom standing pouches or recyclable zippers and so on. Because of the difference, it is possible to catch consumers' attention at the first time among thousands of identical products on the shelf, and make consumers realize this distinctive brand through different shapes and details.

                                                                Standing Pouch Custom

        In terms of materials, some producers advocate the concept of environmental protection, so they will use a lot of kraft paper or biodegradable materials. The unique touch and color of the materials can let consumers see the cultural core of the brand.

        Therefore, customized packaging can make the brand and brand culture more effectively presented.

        So, what issues should be paid attention to in the choice of packaging and packaging design?

        The packaging needs to be convenient for consumers, so that consumers are interested in knowing the brand.

        When choosing packaging, it must be easy to handle and use.

        Because of this, we must pay attention to the packaging materials. For example, some fast food products need to use some easy-to-tear materials. If you simply pursue some luxurious feeling but neglect to bring convenience to consumers by packaging, then consumers will not have much favor for this product. Naturally it's not conducive to the brand promotion.

        In addition, some small details must be shown on the packaging films or packaging bags, like the slitting line in order to be torn off easily by customers or a unique zipper equipped with the packaging bag. These details on the packaging will give customers a better sense of experience. Generally speaking, the favorability of the packaging will increase the favorability of the brand.

        The packaging should make the product have a strong appeal and stand out on the shelf. According to statistics, consumers generally spend 30 minutes shopping in supermarkets, and they have to see about 20,000 kinds of products. They have no plans for what they want to buy many times. Many consumers may see these products on the shelves for the first time. The packaging plays naturally an important role in attracting customers' attention quickly on the shelf.

        Thus, the brand can be distinguished obviously from others on the shelf through colors and unique shape.

The brand on the "packaging" should be easily identifiable

Customized Stand Up Pouch with Zipper for Chocolate Powder

        When Coca-Cola designed its own packaging, they once made a request“ no matter day or night, whether it is complete or broken, we hope that when customers see this, they know it's Coca-Cola.”

        So, how can people quickly identify the brand through the packaging? 

        You can enlarge the LOGO and brand name, unique packaging shape, unique color, unique lace, unique symbols, etc. to strengthen customers' recognition of the brand.

        When making customized packaging, always assume that the customer is a strange customer. He does not know your product. And when he sees the product, he does not know why and why he should buy it. You have to give customers a reason to buy from you.

        All in all, when designing and making customized packaging, we must pay attention to the design elements on the packaging, including materials, shapes, logos and colors, which always represent the brand and the company's culture.

        Good packaging can accurately reflect the brand image, characteristics and quality, which becomes a bridge of communication between the brand and consumers, conveying corporate values. Customized packaging can enhance brand influence with stronger appeal in market competition.

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