What food takeaway containers mean for the food industry

June 25, 2023

        In the era of fast life, people are busy with various affairs, actually not available to make three meals a day or go home for meals every day. In order to effectively solve these problems, lots of fast food restaurants have emerged as the time requires. Naturally, the packaging of food take away containers have     come, aiming to meet the basic daily functions of different consumers.

        Food take away containers include many kinds of products, mainly PP fast food boxes, PP plastic cups, kraft paper bags, aluminum foil boxes, biodegradable food packaging, etc. Currently, PP food boxes, aluminum foil boxes, paper bags and biodegradable food packaging are the most used.

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Advantages of food take away containers

Good for hygiene

        It is very hygienic to use take away containers bulk in restaurants. There is no need to return the used tableware, and there is no need to consider whether the containers have disinfected or not. This type of food packaging can avoid the spread of viruses and bacteria to a certain extent. The kind of packaging is hygienic.

Environmental protection.

        Food take away containers are recyclable and can also be used in other ways to make crafts.

Save manpower and more convenience

        In the catering industry, the cleaning of tableware is a very time-consuming task, which  may not be done properly. However, using take away containers will greatly save the time. That is to say, it's effect to save more manpower and save cost.

Good overall attributes

        For example, disposable plastic lunch boxes are non-toxic and harmless with good performance, and low price, which are green food packaging for people.

Industry development trend

The popularity of environmentally friendly food take away containers

        With the increasing attention to food safety and the implementation of food fast food packaging production standards, environmentally friendly products will become the trend of the market.

        Compared with other raw materials, PP (polypropylene) is colorless, non-toxic, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and recyclable. It is very popular in the production of food fast food boxes and has become the main raw material for environmentally friendly plastic products. In addition, degradable additives (such as starch) will be gradually applied to food fast food box products.

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Aluminum foil bag packaging for fast food

        It can effectively recycle and reuse, protecting the environment and saving resources. Aluminum is extremely recyclable and can be recycled indefinitely while limiting mass loss but still retaining its original properties. Recycled aluminum can be used to make a large number of products. During the recycling process, the energy consumption of aluminum foil is only 5% of the energy required for the production of primary aluminum, and the greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 95% compared with primary aluminum. The aluminum foil containers can be conveniently compressed after use, which is convenient for sorting and reduces waste generation.

Paper containers

            Disposable Kraft Paper Fast Food Box Takeout Box                     Disposable Food Grade French Fries Box Potato Chip Kraft Paper Packaging Chicken Nuggets Paper Box


        They're made from renewable resources such as paper and cardboard. Paper containers offer unique levels of environmental sustainability. Like wood, raw materials can come from sustainably managed forests, easily recycled and biodegradable.

Advances in production technology. 

        In order to respond to the call for saving resources and protecting the environment, we will apply continuously updated technologies to the production process of food take away containers bulk. At the same time, due to the relatively low market price and fierce competition in the packaging market, optimizing the formula of raw materials and applying advanced manufacturing technologies that can reduce costs can increase profit margins so as to face the highly competitive market.

        For example, some aluminum foil containers are non-toxic and safe in quality. In addition, they're easy to be heated, and can't produce poison when heating. Therefore, if you heat the food in the aluminum container, there will be no toxic substances producing. Moreover, with the application of new technology, the insulation performance of aluminum foil containers is better and better, so they can play good role in sealing the taste of some foods with strong taste.

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Customization for food containers

        Customization (including color, appearance, logo, label) is one of the main success factors in food market. Providing customized products can enhance the company's reputation and popularity, which is conducive to developing market segments and attracting new customers with special requirements.

        All in all, food take away containers are inevitable products of the development of the food industry. Because of these efficient and safe containers, various costs in restaurants and other related industries can be greatly reduced. In addition, the use of degradable and other environmentally friendly materials can make the take away containers more attractive.

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