Why kraft paper packaging becomes more and more popular

June 29, 2023

        With the development of the society, in order to attract customers, all kinds of manufacturers are constantly launching new products to attract customers, including our packaging industry. In order to better serve customers and help customers expand new products, we are also constantly innovating and developing new products to satisfy customers. Kraft paper food packaging bags, this new type of product has been loved by the food industry in recent years. But why everyone likes kraft paper packaging? Today we will analyze.

Kraft paper material is environmentally friendly

        Everyone knows that the whole world is now advocating environmental protection. Plastics are restricted due to their special properties that are not easy to decompose. Kraft paper is paper that is easy to decompose, not causing pollution during the decomposition process. So as to respond to the requirements of environmental protection, everyone likes to use it. The material of kraft paper is used as the packaging.

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The material of kraft paper can be made into various styles

        The kraft paper style can be made into kraft paper zip lock bags with windows open (zipper bags with kraft paper windows); kraft paper zip lock bags without windows (zipper bags without windows). Kraft paper flat bottom zipper bags, kraft paper standing bags, kraft paper eight side seal window bags, kraft paper eight side seal window bags. Meanwhile the kraft paper bags can be made into a kind of spout bags for drink.

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The use of kraft paper food bags

        Kraft paper food packaging bags can be used for all kinds of snacks--general series: kraft paper dried fruit bags, kraft paper beef jerky bags, kraft paper snack food bags, kraft paper whole grain bags, kraft paper mushroom bags, kraft paper tea bags, kraft paper health care bags, kraft paper sea bags Product bags, etc.. They are moisture-proof, anti-odor, waterproof, insect-proof, and can prevent things from scattering; kraft paper zip lock bags can also be used for packaging of clothing and other daily necessities, and also have a wide range of uses. The kraft paper zip lock bags are beautiful and elegant. Products packaged in kraft paper straight-seal bags have more marketing power than traditional zip lock bags. The kraft paper zip lock bags can be made into a white bags without printing while they’re available in various sizes. They can also be customized with various LOGO patterns to meet the different needs of different users.

        Disposable Kraft Paper Fast Food Box Takeout Box

        However, there are some views on whether kraft paper is environmentally friendly or not. Generally speaking, those who think that kraft paper packaging is not environmentally friendly are mainly concerned with the manufacturing process of kraft paper and the selection of raw materials. They believe that the pulp used in paper packaging is obtained by cutting down trees, causing damage to the ecological environment. The other main reason is that a large amount of sewage will be discharged during the production process of paper, causing water pollution.

        In fact, these views are somewhat outdated. Nowadays, most kraft paper manufacturers generally adopt forest-pulp integrated production, that is, through scientific management, even though the trees felled in the forest area where they are located are replanted to ensure that their ecology will not be destructively affected. 

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        In addition, kraft paper packaging is 100% recycled and reused, which is superior to other packaging materials. Kraft paper packaging will soon be degraded in the soil "turning into spring mud to protect flowers". Unlike plastic packaging, which is difficult to degrade.


The product is approved to be of high quality after the thorough test by the third party quality experts.


1.Who are we?
Shenzhen Global Fortune Package CO., Ltd is specializing in the production of flexible packaging for food, thin film products and daily necessities.  We have our own factory to support producing high quality products. Also, with an annual output value of 30-40 million RMB.
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Shenzhen Global Fortune Package CO., Ltd has 30 years of production experience,  specializing in packing and printing, accurate delivery dates, high-quality products, and honest management. It is your best supplier.
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Our company can produce packing bags, food packing bags, packing box, BOPP, PET Film and etc.


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About Global Fortune Package

Shenzhen Global Fortune Package CO.,LTD is a professional  company focusing on the production of flexible packaging for food, thin film products and daily necessities. Taking advantage of the manufacturer's own production, avantgarde packaging design concept and professional technical team, it is able to design and produce safe, stable and generous products with the lowest investment cost according to the needs of customers. At present, the company is growing rapidly, and the customers are spreading all over the world. With the high quality of the product and a good reputation of the enterprise , it expresses confidence of domestic and foreign customers. And the company also adheres to the development concept of "Valued for quality , the honest operating and double-wins ".

Through comparison, it is not difficult to see that kraft paper bags are better than plastic bags in terms of environmental protection. Today, with more and more emphasis on environmental protection, an environmentally friendly kraft paper bags have become the first choice for more and more manufacturers and customers. To contribute to environmental protection, you may wish to use kraft paper bags as the first choice for shopping packaging or food packaging bags.

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