Tips for candy packaging

July 19, 2023

        The packaging for candy must conform to the current fashion trends in order to meet the public's aesthetics. At the same time, it is necessary to use the current popular design techniques to surprise the public. Next, I will analyze from the shape, packaging materials, patterns, colors and other elements of candy packaging.

1. Candy packaging design

From its shape

        At present, in the selection of packaging shapes of products, window-opening or transparent designs are often used to highlight the freshness, deliciousness, nutrition, and natural taste of the candy, while the graphics on the packaging are more adopted from some photographic photos or artistic techniques of cartoon image design so as to enhance the sense of the candy reality and brand image of the candy.

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From the external appearance

        Its volume is relatively small as well as its relatively light weight. At the same time, it is convenient to carry and eat with a strong visual impact

From the point of view of pattern design

        For example, using fruit photos as the theme style not only enhances the customer's impulse to buy, but also adds color to the packaging, with a warm and festive atmosphere. From the modeling design point of view, the composition method is more rounded, and it is very rich in text editing, which contains certain characteristics and is more challenging.

2. Colors and pattens of candy packaging

        Candy packaging colors are important. In terms of color application, pink, green, yellow and other colors are used, which have a strong visual impact and can attract customers' attention; The text has also need to be designed well, and the brand name is always arranged on the upper part of the overall packaging, which is more eye-catching for customers.

3. Materials for candy packaging

        The main function of packaging is to replace the confectionery products with moisture barrier, insulation. The packaging materials and forms of products are used in order to help the candy can maintain proper taste and shape even in high temperature and high humidity environment. They can efficiently prevent lipid oxidation, thereby prolonging the shelf life. Therefore, we should make appropriate choices according to the requirements of product packaging materials' air permeability, oxygen barrier, shelf life and the cost.

        Generally speaking, candy packaging is divided into inner packaging (directly contact with candy) and outer packaging. Therefore, different packaging has different requirements for material selection. The selection of inner packaging materials is mainly based on the product's requirements for air permeability, oxygen barrier, shelf life and cost. For the packaging of granulated sugar in the form of candy boxes, it is required to have high moisture resistance and oxygen resistance, and good printing suitability. At the same time, it is resistant to light and has rapid low-temperature heat sealing to prevent the candy from being melted by heat. So use nitrocellulose coated cellophane or PVDC coated with cellophane for extended shelf life of candy. For outer packaging materials, Packaging materials should be non-corrosive, and have properties such as insect-proof, frog-proof, rodent-proof, and microorganism-inhibiting properties to protect product safety. Cartons and composite plastics, paper-plastic composites, etc. are used for outer packaging. It can not only protect the quality of candies, but also has a certain ornamental value, which is convenient for publicity, display, secondary use and portability.

        From the perspective of packaging materials, most of them are plastics. Generally speaking, plastic materials have excellent performance for packaging. They have the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, good light transmission, good coloring, and low production costs and so on. Nowadays, the friendly-environmental materials are widely used. Thus, like paper packaging is well utilized in candy products. In fact, the combination of plastic and paper are used for packaging for candy. As a result, the organic combination of the packaging has a better attraction for more customers. 


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