Printing on customized bags

July 27, 2023
Printing on customized bags

        Are you still using labels on your food bags to display your brand? Farewell to the traditional way of labeling, now customized bags can display your products in a larger space through printing with more conspicuous colors so as to attract consumers' attention. It is obvious that the printing on customized bags will be more eye-catching, better presenting your products on the shelf as well as better displaying your brand at the same time through color layout so that consumers can learn about your brand story by the logo, colors and other contents printed on the bag. Of course, first of all, we must understand what is the difference between the printing and labeling of customized bags?

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Generally speaking, the printing and labeling of customized bags are two common ways of applying trademarks or brand logos. Their differences are as follows: 


        It is an application that prints trademarks or brand logos on items through printing technology. Printing can be used on a variety of different materials such as gravure, paint, screen, heat transfer, etc. It is usually printed directly on the product, such as T-shirts, hats and other textiles, and can also be printed on paper, plastic, metal and other materials. 

        Advantages:Printing can provide long-term brand identity and durability. The color is more. vivid; the typography of the logo is more unique. The printing on the customized bags plays a very good role in conveying brand information and marketing effects.

        The customized service of food packaging bags can also play a good role in conveying information. The packaging represents the product image to a certain extent. Many well-known brand products only use special customized packaging bags. These packaging bags are carefully designed. Regardless of their size or appearance, the bags should match the product inserted very well, meanwhile the icon or text on the packaging bags allows people to get brand information from them at a glance. It shows that a good packaging bag is very important for the promotion of products. On the other hand, through the graphic design of the packaging, it can also make many consumers have a more profound impact. Thus the customized bags through unique printing can form an invisible publicity role among many consumers.

Labeling stickers

        Labeling stickers are one of methods in which a trademark or brand logo is made into a label, and then the label is attached to the general packaging. Labeling stickers can be also used onto a variety of different materials, such as paper, plastic film, metal foil, etc. 

        Advantages: Labeling stickers can provide high-resolution, high-quality and detailed graphics, while being able to use a variety of different materials and colors. 

        Disadvantages: Stickers may come off or get damaged when washed or worn, so they may. not be the best choice for products that are washed or worn frequently. Secondly, due to the limitation of the size of the printed label, it shows that the printing area is uncontrollable. Therefore, for those who need to attract customers through conspicuous logos, the effect of labeling stickers will be much worse.

        Some customers may consider that the printing pattern on the customized bags may increase the packaging cost for the enterprise, but the promotional effect is self-evident. In fact, almost all businesses are now paying attention to the role of packaging in promoting products. Therefore, we see that many customized bags will have some store information or logos and even product advertisements. When customizing bags, companies can print their own slogans, logos or other representative text patterns on them. The pattern information on the plastic packaging bag has actually become a kind of consumer culture. On the basis of bringing convenience to people's life, the printing customized bags can help enterprises publicize their products better and set up their image in public.

        Most of people actually face with a large number of complex product information every day. Sometimes, if the information of your products can leave an impression on people's hearts, it must have a variety of publicity methods. Perhaps an exquisite plastic packaging bag is an efficient way, because It is eye-catching and makes people desire to explore and understand products. The exquisite pattern on the plastic packaging bag makes the bag endowed with more multi-layered meanings. In today's refined life, the customized bags with unique color printed on undoubtedly cater to people's consumption needs.

Printing on eight-side sealing bags

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            There are many kinds of bag shapes, among which the eight-side sealing bag is the most popular bag shape at present. The eight-side sealing bags are generally used for biscuits, candies, etc. One of the biggest reasons why eight-side sealing customized bags are so popular is that they have many printing surfaces. The eight-side sealing plastic packaging bags can be printed on at least six sides. In this way, there is more area on the outside of the plastic packaging bag to print content, which is convenient for you to use more abundant patterns and text to explain and promote your products. Eight-side sealing plastic packaging bags can use a variety of color printing processes. Since the eight-side sealing plastic packaging bags have many printable surfaces, a variety of printing processes with different display effects can be used to make the packaging bags look more beautiful and unique. If you simply buy an eight-side sealing universal bag and then use a labeling sticker to affix it, then the utilization rate of the bag will be extremely low. If it is placed on the shelf, the degree of attraction will be greatly reduced.

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