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August 03, 2023

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        At present, stand-up pouch packaging has been widely used in medicine, clothing, juice drinks, sports drinks, bottled drinking water, inhalable jelly, condiments and other products. a stand-up pouch refers to a flexible packaging bag with a horizontal support structure at the bottom, which can stand on its own without relying on any support and whether the bag is opened or not. Stand-up pouches are a relatively new form of packaging, which has advantages in many aspects such as upgrading product grades, enhancing shelf visual effects, portability, ease of use, freshness preservation and sealability. Most of the stand-up pouches are made of laminated PET/foil/PET/PE, but can also have 2 or 3 layers of materials depending on the different products in the package. In addition, the oxygen barrier protective layer can be added as needed in order to reduce the oxygen permeability rate and extend the shelf life of the products inside.

        With the development of society and the accelerated pace of people's life, all food and daily necessities must be consumed in the shortest possible time. Nowadays, the environmental protection and the convenience in life have become the themes of people's lives. The advancement of the theme of environmental protection will definitely simplify the packaging of our food and daily necessities, meanwhile the selection of packaging materials will also tend to be environmentally friendly. Therefore, convenience and practicality emerge quietly. As a result, the portable stand-up pouches are born naturally.

Portable stand-up pouches

Structures of materials

        Portable stand-up pouches are actually the same as ordinary stand-up pouches. In terms of the structure of the stand-up pouches, the portable stand-up pouches can also be laminated from conventional materials such as PET/foil PET/PE, or kraft paper composite plastic materials according to product characteristics. If the fresh juice without additives packed into the pouch, PE single-layer pouches can be used. On the one hand, the transparent material allows consumers to see the juice directly, and on the other hand, they can meet the characteristics of portability and convenience.

Smaller size, more uniqueness and more portability

        However, since the portable stand-up pouches are embodied in their portability, they will be much smaller than the general stand-up pouches in terms of volume. In the design process of most portable stand-up pouches, the main customer group of the product will be considered. Based on the common characteristics of the customers, the pouches are designed for its suitable size. For example, if the portable stand-up pouches are for jelly or juice, then the target group may be children or girls. Relatively speaking, the hands of these two groups are relatively small, so the size will be based on the comfortable feeling that the average hand can hold. Thus we always see a lot of portable stand-up pouches for jelly, which are easy to hold and eat in the hands of many girls or children.

The type of portable pouches

        For the bag type of portable packaging pouches, they can be roughly divided into the following kinds

1.Ordinary portable packaging.

This kind of pouches and food are usually sealed by vacuum in a heat-sealed way, usually for air-dried sliced meat and other small snacks. 

2.spout bags.

         Creative Portable Spout Pouch Perfect for Summer - Global Fortune Package

The spout bag type is generally used for jelly and fruit juice, and now it is also widely used in some daily necessities and cosmetics. On the one hand, the softness of the bags allows for easy placement. If a box is used as packaging, it takes up a lot of space On the other hand, the design of the spout can be convenient for consumers to use. 

3.Shaped bags. 

     Quality Portable Stand Up Drink Pouch Manufacturer | Global Fortune Package

This kind of bags is small and has unique shapes, which is more likely to attract consumers' attention in appearance. The special shape makes consumers want to know more about the brand. The portability of portable packaging is reflected in the fact that consumers can carry it easily.

Cases about portable stand-up pouches for daily essentials and cosmetics

        Do you have a problem? Before traveling, you will have trouble in packing your luggage. At this moment, if the things you want to take are packed in portable stand-up pouches, does it save a lot of space for your luggage?

Portable stand-up pouches for body wash

        For example, there is a body wash in a portable stand-up pouch called Natura. This body wash uses a drop-shaped stand-up pouch, which is said to save about 70% of plastic compared to plastic bottles of the same volume. That is to say it is very environmentally friendly.

        Compared with bottle or can packaging, the kind of stand-up pouch is lighter. At the same time, they can be held in one hand as well as stand firmly, easy to carry and use.

Spout portable stand-up pouch

        The common cosmetic packaging in daily life is mainly glass bottles and jars, which are inconvenient to carry or easy to be damaged or leaked.

        The packaging design of Stimmung, a Korean cosmetics brand, solves these problems well. The products are all packaged in "spout stand-up pouch ", inspired by edible jelly, which is special. The lightweight bag design greatly reduces the burden on girls' cosmetic bags and meets the needs of girls to touch up makeup anytime and anywhere.

        The main feature of portable packaging is light and easy to carry. The novel and interesting product form and unconventional packaging shape are very attractive to young people who love to try new products. It can be said that the development potential of portable product packaging is very huge in the future.

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