Good packaging bags for nuts

August 24, 2023

        Nut snacks are more and more popular in the market. Do you know what packaging bags nuts need to pack? Let's take a look at the packaging scheme for packing nuts now!

I. Common nut packaging bags


        Flexible packaging (generally flexible packaging, but also paper packaging)

        For bulk nut food packaging bags, such flexible packaging can be used, and the packaging bags are not filled with any substances. The materials of the bags are generally laminated with two or three packaging materials, but according to the barrier properties of different materials, the shelf life of the packaging bags is also different. Therefore, nut food packaging bags need to meet the requirements of good barrier properties and puncture resistance, so as to withstand the impact of nuts.

        There are different kinds of packaging materials for the nut packaging bags from the perspective of materials. The common ones are aluminum foil, kraft paper, etc. Among them, aluminum foil is the most common material in nut packaging, including pure aluminum foil and aluminum plating. 

        Pure aluminum foil meets hygienic standards, which is non-toxic and tasteless providing better safety protection in food, medicine and other packaging. With good barrier properties, it can play well role in blocking oxygen, light, water, sewage, water vapor, impurity and oil, etc. Aluminum-plastic packaging bags are relatively high-end bags which are very popular with the customers. Aluminized film not only has the characteristics of plastic film, but also has the characteristics of metal. It has the function of shading and blocking to a certain extent. Compared with other plastic laminated materials, it shows higher aesthetics and higher brightness. Compared with pure aluminum foil, aluminized bags have weaker shading and barrier properties. What’s more, the price is lower than pure aluminum foil bags, which is a material with high cost performance.

        One of the aluminum packaging bags for nuts is aluminum plated bags. They have the characteristics of aluminum-plated packaging. The window on the bag allows customers to clearly see the products inside, which reflects the confidence of the products. The other half is opaque so that people cannot see the full product inside, retaining a hint of mystery. This kind of bags can better show the confidence of the merchant in the product.

        Kraft paper has grown in popularity over the years. The inside and outside of kraft paper can be laminated with plastic film or pure aluminum foil, which can maintain the barrier and airtightness of the bag, and also suitable for nuts packaged.

        Kraft paper is paper packaging, which is friendly to the environment as well as enhance consumers' goodwill. Therefore, in recent years, many nuts have been packaged in composited bags made of kraft paper and aluminum foil.

Types of packaging bags for nuts

        As for the bag types, bags for nuts can generally be sealed on three sides (including without windows, with windows, and with zippers); stand-up bags (including without windows, with windows, and zippers); According to the survey, it is better to adopt a customized bags for nuts. On the one hand, they can effectively promote the own brand culture, and on the other hand, the unique design can greatly increase the attractiveness of consumers to buy the product.

Three side sealing bags

        The three-side sealing bags have high space utilization rate and good airtightness, which can ensure the freshness of the product, reduce the loss of nut nutrition. At the same time, they can ensure that consumers can take in balanced nutrition while enjoying delicious food.

Three-side sealing bags can be added with zippers, hanging holes, etc., which are more convenient to hang on the shelves. They can also be used as the inner packaging of nut packaging. Under the same specification, the price is relatively low. Nuts with smaller specifications are often packed in three-side sealed bags.

Stand up bags

        The stand-up bags can stand on the shelf for more convenient display. The bottom self-standing strip is also the printing surface, providing more opportunities for graphic printing on the bags. The space utilization rate of the stand-up bags is higher, but the price is higher than that of the three-side sealing bags.

        Generally speaking, if the nuts are dry fruits which are slightly heavier such as almonds, pecans, macadamia nuts, stand-up pouches are the best choice.

        Most of the stand up bags are always used with the matte oil printing process. The matte oil printing process enhances the texture of the packaging bags and makes the product more upscale. The arc-shaped design in the upper right corner of the bags reflects the fullness and roundness of the nuts, which can bring consumers a more intuitive visual effect.

Shaped bags

        Affected by the new generation of consumers' "appearance doctrine", novel and unique special-shaped bags are becoming more and more popular. Shaped bags are eclectic, generally expressing the shape and origin of the product through lines, attracting consumers' attention through different bag types, forming a unique attraction in the market, and becoming an important means for enterprises to expand their popularity and increase market share.

II. Vacuum packaging (plastic soft packaging): 

        Vacuuming will extend the shelf life of the product to a certain extent, and prevent the aroma of nuts from volatilizing and oil from deteriorating. The material of the vacuum packaging bags will be relatively soft so that the nuts can fit completely.

III. Inflatable packaging (also plastic flexible packaging): 

        Nitrogen is an inert gas that can prevent oxidative deterioration of nuts. Therefore, it is required that such inflatable packaging bags have better barrier properties to gas.

The following is the knowledge for the laminated material structure commonly used in nut packaging:

1. Kraft paper/Al/LDPE, OPP/VMPET/PE, paper/VMPET/PE: commonly used in the packaging for melon seeds.

2. PA/PE, KPA/PE: commonly used in the packaging for peanut butter.

3. Paper/PE, paper/VMPET/PE, OPP/VMPET/PE, PET/VMPET/PE: commonly used in the packaging for pistachios and other nuts with small particle size.

4. KPET/PE: It has good oil resistance and moisture resistance, and is used for the packaging for nut foods with high fat content.

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