The significance of transparent window and information on food packaging bags

September 07, 2023
The significance of transparent window and information on food packaging bags

        When you buy something in the supermarket, do you often see many of the packaging bags with a transparent window and some text information on the packaging bags? Do you know why more and more packaging bags have window designs? Do you know why there are lots of text messages on packaging bags? Today let us know about what they mean for packaging.

What’s its unique?

        Nowadays, the window design for food packaging bags is a very common design method for displaying products. It can achieve higher sales among similar products and directly attract consumers' desire to buy. This straight-to-the-point product packaging design is the most direct and easiest for consumers to see the original appearance of the product at a glance and touch their taste buds.

        I. The window design in the design of food packaging bags is a small window opened in the packaging layout, which is closed with transparent packaging materials to show the best parts of the food.

        II. From the surface of the food packaging bags, you can see the partial and know about the food inside the bag. The window can be large or small. In addition to being more beautiful, it virtually increases to win the hearts of consumers more easily.

        III. When designing window openings for food packaging bags, we must consider the printing issues and the environmental protection issues. We must comprehensively analyze how to save more consumables, and meanwhile how to reflect the brand's temperament and conform to modern people's aesthetics.

        The kinds of windows on the bags are divided into through windows and perforated windows. From a production perspective, through-window packaging can save costs. Because the "window" of through-window packaging is a transparent film, the printing step is eliminated, which can save a little ink and thus reduce the overall cost. However, if you make perforated windows, you will first print them as a whole and then punch them with a mold, which will not have the advantage of reducing costs.

        IV. The window packaging design of food packaging bags must have an impact in terms of color, otherwise it will easily make the food in a mediocre position among similar products. Only by making full use of professional design knowledge can it truly transcend the shelves.

        V. Professional food packaging bag design technology, accurate food market research and humane window packaging design techniques for food packaging bags can create competitive food packaging bag designs for customers.

        All in all, window packaging can display products in front of consumers more intuitively, helping consumers observe the product form more clearly, enhancing the product appeal. At the same time, window packaging itself also reflects food manufacturers’ confidence in their food, and this confidence will be transferred to consumers and become real consumption.

        There is always a lot of text information on our food packaging. This information is very useful, including brand, production date, shelf life, etc.

Shelf life and production date

        The packaging bags are all prepared in advance, and the shelf life is fixed, so it’s okay to type them out directly. However, the production date is the day it is. It can only be printed on the same day in the form of inkjet coding. Each batch and production line are different.

Ingredients list

        According to the requirements of the national standard GB 7718-2011, the raw materials shown in the ingredients are any substances that are used in the manufacture or processing of food and exist (including in modified form) in the product, including food additives.

        Whether the product is truly zero-added can be determined by looking at the ingredient list. The sorting of the ingredient list is also very particular. According to the decreasing content of each ingredient, the ingredients whose added amount does not exceed 2% can not be arranged in descending order. The content ranked first is the highest. You can directly see through the ingredient list whether it is what you want to buy.

storage conditions

        It is recommended that you check the storage conditions of the products you buy. You will definitely find a lot of things that you usually don’t pay attention to! Storage conditions will also directly affect the shelf life of the product!

        Some products need to be stored refrigerated, and some products need to be refrigerated or frozen after opening. The text messages on the packaging keeps reminding you.


        The product manufacturer's name, address and other contact information will be indicated on the packaging. At the same time, the barcode on the packaging also tells you where the product is produced.

        This information informs consumers of specific information about the food. Consumers can choose the food that is good for them. At the same time, this kind of text information can also be used to convey the culture of food companies through the packaging bags. Consumers can judge whether buy them or not depend on the information on the bags. If there is something wrong with the products, consumers and manufacturers can trace to source.

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