A case about one-stop packaging service

        Last month, an email from Switzerland suddenly appeared in my inbox. After reading it, I knew that the customer was called Tim from Switzerland who saw our company's website through a Google search feeling that our company could help him solve his packaging problem. I responded to Tim politely as soon as possible asking what products the customer's company produced, what type of packaging was required and whether there were any special requirements. Through communication with Tim, I determined that his company was mainly engaged in the production of coconuts, pistachios, and nuts. Currently, he has a new product-cashew nuts, and was looking for suitable packaging.

His main problem was:

        1. He no longer wanted to use the same packaging as before, which was a relatively large common packaging bag with nothing special.

        2. He wanted something special on his new packaging. At the same time, Tim wanted their brand to be printed on the packaging. But he had no idea about customized bags and meanwhile no one could help his design his new bags. Therefore, he wanted us to provide design, produce packaging bags and other services.

        After understanding his needs, I introduced our company’s special projects to Tim.

        Our company can design customers' customized bags, select materials suitable for customers' products according to their product characteristics using the best materials and the least cost to create packaging that best suits customer needs.

        As soon as the customer learned about our business, he was very interested in our service and asked me to recommend a best solution for his product.

        Based on the customer's requirements and cost budget, we began the design of our packaging solution.

        First of all, the customer's product was a cashew snack, a dehydrated product. Generally speaking, the packaging materials needed to be moisture-proof to some extent but didn't require air isolation, so we considered using PET and PE materials. On the one hand, these two materials have a good moisture-proof function. At the same time, due to their transparency, we can also design a small part of the front of the bag without printing and make it a window design, so that consumers could visually see the cashew nuts and aroused the desire to buy. Secondly, the thickness of the bag was 10C whose touch felt textured.

        In terms of design, we pursued simplification. According to the current popular color system, there weren't many printing colors. At the same time, the pattern was designed with the customer's cashew product and his company's LOGO while the product and customer information was just on the back in order to give buyers a simple yet elegant look but not a simple effect when they see the cashew.

        In terms of bag type, we determined that the customer wanted to make snacks that were easy to carry, so we used bags with three-side sealing and the bag size was just right instead of the big shape before. With our serious design, I sent the plan to the customer and he was very satisfied with our plan.

        And then we started arranging proofing. We would put ideas into reality and let customers confirm them through proofing. After pattern design and sample production, we took pictures and videos and sent them to Tim as soon as possible. He thought the bags were very nice.

        Receiving his affirmation, we started an easy business negotiation and he was satisfied with my quotation. He happily paid the down payment and let us produce large quantities of goods based on the samples. As soon as I receive his first payment, I started production non-stop. After finishing the bags, I let him confirm all the details again before sending the goods to the customer. The customer sent the balance to us without hesitation after confirming that there were no problems with the bags. We quickly arranged shipping to Tim.

        After a period of time at sea, the bags finally reached. After receiving the goods immediately, Tim sent us a lot of pictures and videos of the goods received. He was very satisfied with the products we produced and said he would continue to cooperate with us.

        What a pleasant cooperation! Although the design process is quite difficult, our efforts are not in vain when we see the process of creating a product from scratch and see the satisfied smiles and high praise from our customers.

        Of course, there is no doubt that we provide one-stop service quality for each customer's packaging from design to production.

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