What kind of packaging bags is used for pet food?

September 20, 2023

        At present, there are various kinds of packaging for pet food in the market. For most pet food owners, they may not know why there are so many types of pet food packaging. In fact, in the packaging industry, there are many types of packaging bags. So what kind of packaging materials is suitable for pet food? Through this article, you will have the answer.

        The packaging for pet food includes the following types: 

        Co-extruded PE film;

        woven bags

        PP/PE, PE/PE, PET/PE, NY/PE two-layer compound bags

        PET/NY/PE, PET/MPET/PE, PET/AL/PE three-layer compound bags

        PET/NY/AL/PE, PET/AL/PET/PE four-layer compound bags

        PET/NY/AL/RCPP high temperature cooking bagged wet food/soft can packaging

        Many manufacturers specialize in producing various types of pet food bags. The combination of various materials of the pet food packaging depends on the different types of pet food, the size and weight of each package, the bag type of the package, the pet food manufacturer's testing requirements for packaging bags, the pet food processing methods, shelf life requirements after pet food packaging as well as pet food packaging bag design requirements... Besides material selection, printing cooperation and additional designs such as multi-opening and closing zippers, slider zippers, one-way exhaust, etc., all of these elements can help maximize the value of pet food packaging bags.

        Bag types for pet food bag packaging: flat bottom bags, four-side sealing bags, stand-up bags, back-sealed bags, etc. There are some common pet food bags as follow:

①Three-side sealing bags

        One of the common types of pet food packaging bags, which is sealed on three sides meanwhile leaving an opening for the product.

②Self-standing zipper bags

        The self-standing zipper bag adds an openable zipper to the top to facilitate repeated use and avoid moisture. The self-standing zipper bags can stand independently or stand on the container whose display effect is better and more beautiful.

③Eight-side sealing stand-up bags

        The eight-side sealing packaging bags are a type of customized bags that is widely used for pet food. The bottom of the bag is so flat that it can also stand upright. This kind of packaging bags is three-dimensional which has three planes: front, side and bottom. Compared with stand-up bags, eight-side sealing bags have more printing space and product display, which can better attract consumers' attention.

        The quality of pet food packaging bags is crucial to the health of pets.

        Therefore, when we are customizing pet packaging bags, the issues that must be paid attention to are as follows:

Keep food fresh and prevent contamination

        High-quality pet food packaging bags are made of high-density, corrosion-resistant materials, which can effectively isolate air, moisture and light, and prevent food from oxidative deterioration. At the same time, they can prevent external harmful substances (such as bacteria, bugs, odors, etc.) from entering the packaging bags, ensuring the hygiene and safety of food.

Provide good sealing and moisture resistance

        Pet food is easy to be damp and cause deterioration, so the packaging bags need to have good airtightness and moisture resistance. High-quality packaging bags usually use pressure sealing or heat-sealing technology to ensure that the packaging bag is completely sealed and effectively prevents moisture penetration to maintain the freshness and nutritional value of the food.

Prevent oxidation and protect nutrients

        The nutrients in pet food are critical to your pet's health. High-quality packaging bags use special barrier materials to prevent oxygen from entering the packaging bags, slow down the oxidation rate of nutrients in food, and maintain its nutritional value and taste.

Durable to storage and transportation

        High-quality pet food packaging bags are durable and tear-resistant to protect food from damage during storage and transportation. This is very important to ensure the integrity and quality of the product, especially when transported over long distances or in storage for long periods of time.

Provide correct directions and labeling for use

        High-quality packaging bags are usually accompanied by clear instructions and labels, providing important information such as correct feeding guidelines, storage methods, and expiration dates. This helps pet owners use and store food properly and ensures their pets are getting proper nutrition.

Environmental protection and sustainable development

        Today's society puts more focus on environmental protection and sustainable development. Therefore, high-quality pet food packaging bags should be recyclable, biodegradable or made of sustainable materials to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Brand value and consumer trust

        High-quality pet food packaging bags can not only protect food, but also enhance brand image and market competitiveness. High-quality packaging and unique design will win the trust and favor of consumers and bring more recognition and loyalty to the brand.

        When choosing pet food, it is equally important to pay attention to the quality and characteristics of the packaging. High-quality pet food packaging bags can ensure the freshness, hygienic safety and nutritional value of the food, while providing a convenient and reliable use experience. By learning about the issues, we may know about some details we must think over while making customized pet food bags for us.

        What kind of packaging bags is used for pet food? I think you’ve got the answer.

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