A fantastic packaging journey to Sam’s club

October 11, 2023

        Hello everyone! Please follow us today and go to Sam’s Club for a fantastic packaging journey!

        It is the food area that we must go first.

        In the food area, we can see a variety of interesting food packaging, and we will also have a pleasant discussion!

        Look, here they are! Our client’s product, the cakes, are finally on sale at Sam’s Club. The customer's product packaging is produced by us! The production of this packaging took more than three months. Although the process was difficult, it was all worth it. Our hard work, professional and sincere service are the guarantee for customers to place their orders with us with confidence.

        At the beginning, after knowing the products needs of our client, we developed a packaging solution suitable for him. After more than 10 proofs, we finally reached a consensus with our customer. The bag is a transparent self-standing bag that is easy to tear for opening. The advantage of the stand-up bag is that it can stand up and be more three-dimensional, attracting customers' attention. At the same time, the materials are made of PET + cast PET, with a thickness of 10C, which are food-grade materials. The feature of the structure is that it is not too hard. Customers will feel comfortable when they touch this bag. In addition, the large size can directly place two baking bags inside.

        Next, we see the toast packaging bag. The characteristic of the toast packaging bag is that it has a transparent window, which allows consumers to visually see the fresh toast and arouse the desire to buy. Most roll-edge toast bags are made of tissue paper or kraft paper laminated with CP. The paper material will be more environmentally friendly. At the same time, its bag shape is a typical flat bottom bag, which can stand more firmly. The rolled edge design is more durable than zippers.

        Look over there, that's the deli and fast-food section and the fresh fruit section. It is not difficult to find that the deli and fast-food sections are all packaged in fast food boxes. The lunch boxes of these fast-food boxes are basically made of degradable materials, usually wheat straw. It can withstand high and low temperatures as well as be microwaved, refrigerated, etc. In addition, the lid is generally made of PP or PET, both of which are food-grade materials. The fruits here are all in transparent blister boxes. The boxes here feel thicker, and the lack of smell indicates that the materials used in the blister boxes are good and environmentally friendly.

        Going down is the food gift boxing area. Gift box packaging generally uses food-grade packaging bags to package the food inside, and then place these gift boxes. Gift boxes are usually made of cardboard. whether the box is luxury or not depends on its weight or some processes used like laser processing.

        Finally Let's go to the snack area. We can see many potato chips pillow bags. Potato chip packaging bags usually are used by a variety of materials, the most common ones are polyethylene (PE) plastic film and polyethylene (OPP) plastic film, and the inner layer is aluminum-plated. Among them, polyethylene (PE) plastic film is the most commonly used potato chip packaging bag material. It has the advantages of excellent price, good resistance to perforation, good anti-aging performance, good printing effect, and no odor. Shrink-hardened polyethylene (OPP) plastic film has the characteristics of high tensile strength, high gloss, good transparency and barrier properties, but it is more expensive and not resistant to high temperatures. So it is usually used for high-end potato chip packaging. When you touch the potato chip bag, it will bulge because the bag is filled with nitrogen, which can effectively protect the potato chips and act as a buffer, making them less likely to be crushed. 

        The transparent packaging of candies like this is generally made of PE. If you want your packaging more environmentally friendly, you can also use kraft paper for lamination. All in all, the material of snack packaging can be determined according to the properties of the specific snack. As for appearance, stand-up bags and eight-side sealing bags are now more commonly used. The effect of their standing will attract the attention of customers more. At the same time, bags often have special windows and zippers, and the bag shape is customized from the customer's perspective.

        Haha, we are also customers now. we can’t wait to buy something too!

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