Child lock zipper bags

November 29, 2023
Child lock zipper bags

        Child lock zipper bags are becoming more and more popular in the market. Child lock zipper bags were originally designed to prevent children from easily opening the bag to avoid injury. Some products are not suitable for children, such as washing powder, tobacco and other inedible and risky products, so child lock zipper bags are widely used by these manufacturers. But do you know the principle of child lock zipper bags?

The principle of child lock zipper bags

        The principle of child lock zipper bags is achieved by setting up a special zipper structure. Generally speaking, the zipper head of a child-lock zipper bag will be equipped with a special lock that needs to be pressed or rotated to unlock. In this way, only adults who have mastered the unlocking method can open the zipper bag, and children cannot open it easily.

        At the same time, the bag materials generally used for child lock zipper bags are PET/PE, PET/aluminized/PE, etc. The structure of these materials and the function of the child lock have better barrier properties, light-shielding properties as well as better storage of fragrance. It is good to prevent food from spoiling.

Structure of child lock zipper

        The child lock zipper consists of a zipper head, zipper teeth and zipper slider. Among them, the zipper head is the core part of the child lock zipper bag, which realizes the child lock function through a special structure.

        Zipper teeth are the main parts of the zipper. They can bite each other to form the closed state of the zipper. The zipper slider is a component used to push the zipper teeth. By sliding the zipper slider, the zipper can be opened and closed.

        Child lock zipper bags must comply with child-safe packaging standards with an internal hidden opening design or an external hidden opening design, but they are decided according to the customer's own needs.

How to use child lock zipper bags

        The use of child lock zipper bags is relatively simple. First, push the zipper slider to the zipper head. At this time, the zipper teeth will fully engage to form a closed state. Then, press or turn the lock on the zipper head to unlock the zipper head. Finally, gently pull the zipper slider to open the zipper bags. When closing the zipper bags, just push the zipper slider to the zipper head and press or rotate the lock again to complete the closure.

Application scenarios of child lock zipper bags

        Child lock zipper bags have a wide range of application scenarios. They can be used in children's toys, furniture, clothing and other fields to protect children's safety. For example, using child-lock zipper bags on children's toys can prevent children from eating small parts or dangerous items inside the toys. Using child lock zipper bags on children's clothing can prevent children from opening the zipper of the clothing and reduce the occurrence of accidental injuries.

        At the same time, child lock zipper bags are also widely used in tobacco, medicine, health products, etc. These products are relatively sensitive and relatively dangerous for children. Therefore, the emergence of child lock zipper bags can effectively prevent children from eating by mistake. Secondly, the density of these products is small, so generally a simple zipper cannot effectively prevent the sealing of these products. The emergence of child lock zippers can be reused and more durable than ordinary zippers. For more expensive products such as tobacco and medicine, they also have good air isolation and can be used repeatedly as well, which can better perform the most basic functions of the packaging bag and can delay the product's shelf life. Consumers also don’t have to find new packaging bags to pack the remaining products because the zipper of the bags is broken. Furthermore, using child lock zipper bags can save manufacturers more costs, which is why child lock zipper bags are widely used.

Advantages of child lock zipper bags

        Child lock zipper bags have many advantages over traditional zipper bags. First of all, they can effectively protect children's safety and prevent them from coming into contact with dangerous items. Secondly, the child lock zipper bags are easy to use, just press or turn the lock to open or close. In addition, the child lock zipper bags are compact in structure and beautiful and elegant appearance, which can also draw customers’ eyes.

Improvement directions for child lock zipper bags

        Although child lock zipper bags offer many advantages, there is still room for improvement. In the future, the lock structure of child-lock zipper bags can be improved to make them safer and more reliable. At the same time, more innovative materials and processes can be explored to make child lock zipper bags more durable and environmentally friendly.

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