Do you know what antistatic PE is?

January 04, 2024

Recently we had an order for milk powder bags. We recommend suitable material structures for the customer based on their needs. Among them, we use antistatic PE as the inner layer. Do you know why we need to use antistatic PE instead of common PE? Let’s learn about it!

What is antistatic PE?

        Antistatic PE is usually achieved by adding conductive agents or antistatic agents to polyethylene materials.

What is its functions?

        Antistatic PE film has a variety of functions and characteristics, which is suitable for packaging various items that require antistatic properties.

        First of all, it can effectively prevent the generation and accumulation of static electricity, avoiding electrostatic interference and damage to the packaging and the items inside. Static electricity may cause many problems, such as damage to electronic components, fire risks caused by spark discharges, accelerated damage to especially powdery foods, etc. antistatic PE plastic film can effectively solve these problems.

        Secondly, antistatic PE plastic film has good antistatic properties and can quickly release and disperse static charges, reducing the impact of static electricity on items. Its surface resistance is relatively low and meanwhile it can effectively conduct electricity to avoid the accumulation of static electricity. Of course, this feature makes it excellent when packaging static-sensitive items such as electronics, precision instruments, and sensitive parts.

        At the same time, antistatic PE plastic film has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is made of high-quality polyethylene material with high durability and chemical stability. This enables it to effectively protect packaged items from mechanical wear and chemical attack in order to protect the integrity and safety of the items packaged.

        In addition, antistatic PE film also has good performance of its transparency and flexibility. Transparency makes packaged items more visible, making them easier to be observed and managed. The flexibility makes it suitable for packaging items of various shapes and sizes so as to wrap and protect items effectively.

        Finally, antistatic PE plastic film also plays an important role in environmental protection. It is made from recyclable polyethylene material, which reduces negative impact on the environment. At the same time, its production process is relatively simple, which can reduce energy consumption and waste generation.

        In short, antistatic PE plastic film is a packaging material with important functions and unique characteristics. It can effectively prevent the generation and accumulation of static electricity and protect items from static electricity interference and damage. Its antistatic properties, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, transparency and flexibility make it ideal for use in a wide range of industries. Moreover, as an environmentally friendly material, its recyclability and simple production process also meet the requirements of sustainable development. By using PE anti-static plastic film packaging plastic, the safety, integrity and quality of items packaged can be guaranteed, and the static electricity control needs of different industries can be met. The requirements for packaging materials in the food industry are very strict. But as one of plastic materials, antistatic PE can prevent food from being contaminated by electrostatic charges and ensure the safety and hygiene of food.

        With the development of technology and the continuous growth of market demand, the market prospects of antistatic PE materials will become increasingly broad.

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