Micro-observation of packaging --barbecue food trucks, burger trucks and fruit trucks

January 31, 2024

        We often see many mobile food trucks on the roadside. Various food trucks allow us not to be limited to eating in one place, making our lives more convenient. At the same time, we can also buy more affordable and delicious food in this way.

Today, we take a look at three types of mobile food trucks. Observe what packaging these food trucks use?

BBQ trucks

        BBQ is something we really enjoy. Therefore, in many countries, we can see many barbecue trucks everywhere. What kind of packaging is used for barbecued food?

        A material that most barbecues will inevitably use - environmentally friendly aluminum foil material.

        Food-grade aluminum foil is widely used in BBQ, which can be in contact with food.

        Kraft paper is used as the outer layer and kraft paper can be used as the environmentally friendly material. The unique characteristics of kraft paper bags are simple and elegant, making them more attractive. Secondly, a variety of colors can be printed on kraft paper, with kraft paper brown as the background color, plus simple printing, such as brand logos and images, etc., which are simple but have a promotional effect as well. They can play a great role both in function and publicity. Secondly, we will see barbecue bags whose most of the inner layers are covered with aluminum foil and PE film that can come into contact with food. The structure can strengthen their function and are more suitable for packaging for various barbecue food. Moreover, the kind of packaging effectively prevents leakage and preserve the delicious taste. Secondly, as can be seen from the shape of the bag, bags containing barbecue food are generally bag-shaped with a relatively large bottom. In order to make it easier for consumers to get the food inside, there is no other complicated sealing design. Most of the incisions are made with zigzag cuts, and the mouth is slightly raised and lowered to make it easier for consumers to open it. The roll mouth can also be folded or rolled. It can be easy to be taken away.

Burger trucks

Paper packaging materials

        All of the hamburgers are packaged with oil-proof coated paper. The main characteristic of coated paper is oil-proof.

        Traditional paper packaging bags are a type of packaging materials commonly used for hamburgers. They are made of special food-grade paper and have excellent oil resistance and air permeability, allowing the hamburgers to stay fresh while being easy to carry and eat. Paper packaging materials have good environmental protection and can be recycled, which meets people's requirements for environmental protection.

Environmentally friendly packaging materials

        As people's awareness of environmental protection increases, more and more hamburger producers are beginning to choose environmentally friendly packaging materials, such as biodegradable plastics. This material not only has the advantages of traditional plastic packaging materials, but more importantly, it can be decomposed by microorganisms and decay quickly, without polluting the environment, meanwhile it is in line with modern people's environmental protection concepts.

        Those in direct contact with the burgers are packaged with oil-proof coated paper, and then packaged in special cartons for hamburgers. Generally speaking, the cartons used for hamburgers are food-grade corrugated paper. On the one hand, corrugated paper is more environmentally friendly and can come into contact with food without problems. On the other hand, corrugated paper is harder than ordinary paper and can provide good support. Most burger boxes can be customized, that is, they can be printed on the surface to better reflect the brand culture.

        If burgers are to be taken out, plastic bags are generally used. Relatively speaking, since this kind of plastic bag does not have direct contact with food, it has higher requirements for film paper and boxes, so its cost will be relatively low. Much more. At the same time, plastic bags can also be appropriately printed. Of course, although people's environmental awareness has increased, many manufacturers now also pay attention to environmental protection in their takeaways, so many manufacturers use paper bags for packaging, especially kraft paper bags. The color of the kraft paper bags highlights the simplicity and atmosphere. At the same time, generally this kind of paper bag does not need to be very complicated, it can be directly made into a bag with a bottom, and does not require zippers and sealing.

Fruit stalls/Fruit trucks

        Generally, the fruits on fruit stalls are for better protection of the fruits and to extend their shelf life. The following packaging methods will be used:

Fresh-keeping bags

        A fresh-keeping bag is a packaging bag used for fruit preservation. It can keep the fruit from smelling and rotting for a long time. Different from general food packaging bags, fruit preservation packaging bags are filled with preservatives, ethylene removers, etc. into paper-making raw materials or directly coated on the made paper to achieve the purpose of fruit preservation. In addition to preventing fruit from mechanical damage during storage, transportation, fruit preservation packaging bags can also achieve many functions after technological improvements.

Foam mesh sleeves

        Foam mesh sleeves are high-foam polyethylene products extruded from low-density polyethylene (LDPE) as the main raw material. It is foamed with butane and added with two auxiliary materials: industrial or medical grade 800-1250 mesh ultra-fine talc and food-grade anti-shrinkage agent.

        Foam net sleeves can reduce and prevent the collision and squeezing of fruits in packaging boxes during transportation.

        It has the following advantages:

I. Soft, non-toxic, elastic, ideal first choice packaging material.

II . Fruits packaged with netting are not only beautiful, but also ventilated, which can. effectively prevent fruit rot.

III. It can prevent wear, reduce crushing injuries and prevent shocks.

Plastic boxes

        Plastic packaging boxes are commonly used packaging containers and are widely used in food fields such as fruits. Ultra-thin plastic packaging boxes generally refer to a projected area of more than 50cm and a wall thickness of less than or equal to 1mm.

        Boxed packaging containers made of plastic have many characteristics such as low density, light weight, transparent appearance, and easy processing.

Fruit cans

        Food canning is a preservation method that seals food in containers and processes it at high temperatures to eliminate most microorganisms, while preventing the re-invasion of external microorganisms and achieving long-term storage at room temperature.

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