A brief discussion on baby food packaging

February 23, 2024


        There are many types of baby food on the market, which are concerned a lot, especially the food safety. Naturally, baby food’s food packaging has become the focus of everyone’s attention. So what types of packaging bags for baby food are there on the market?

        Although there are various kinds of baby food on the market, they are roughly divided into two categories. One is liquid food, such as milk, rice milk, etc.; and the other is powder food like milk powder.

        Therefore, in order to hold liquid food, we generally use portable spout bags or milk storage bags.

Portable spout bags

        The portable baby spout bag is mainly made of PET/NY/PA materials, which are safe, hygienic, non-toxic, new environmentally friendly, and BPA-free non-toxic materials. They can be folded and curled multiple times at the same time. The bags have good sealing performance and can effectively protect the food inside the bags. This type of packaging bags can be chosen as this structure, which mainly have the following advantages: good sealing, light-shielding, waterproof and moisture-proof, pressure resistance and fall resistance. At the same time, the kind of the bag is foldable and hangable, and there is a gasket inside the lid, which is absolutely waterproof and leak-proof. Even if it is squeezed hard, there will never be water leakage.

        In addition, its unique nozzle cap complies with food safety standards. Babies will not have any worries when drinking from the spout bag. For the sake of babies, the diameter of the nozzle cap will be as small as possible to facilitate children's eating and drinking and avoid hurting the child's mouth.

        For most of the portable spout bags, the shpe type is still the stand-up bag. On the one hand, the stand-up bag can stand upright to better display products and attract more mothers to buy. Secondly, the stand-up bag can also be folded for easy carrying.

        The spout bags for babies are generally more particular in appearance design, either in a mostly transparent form to better attract babies to choose their diet; or through exquisite designs and brighter colors to attract babies. 

Milk storage bags

        For other packaging, milk storage bags are more practical. Common materials on the market include PE, LDPE, and LLDPE. Currently, the safest one is the PE/PET double-layer material design. PE is polyethylene that is heat-resistant and cold-resistant, used for the inner layer and seal of milk storage bags. PET is resistant to folding, grease, acid and alkali, non-toxic and odorless, used to protect the outer layer of milk storage bags. Sealing is one of the most important functions of a milk storage bag. The sealing of a milk storage bag is very important. It is directly related to whether breast milk can be kept intact and fresh and will not breed bacteria. The freshness retention of the double-track seal is better than that of the single-track seal. Compared with the single-layer seal, the sealing performance of the double-layer seal is much better.

        Some milk storage bags have unique temperature displays to prevent overheating of breast milk from destroying its nutrients. Their vertical design can be placed independently to prevent tipping.

Milk powder packaging bags

        During the processing, storage and transportation of infant milk powder, nutritional components will be adversely affected to varying degrees. The purpose of packaging measures is to control and adjust the damage caused by these adverse factors to food. The functions of the kind of packaging include blocking air, blocking water, preserving aroma, preventing heat conduction, preventing the diffusion of certain ingredients in food, preventing physical and mechanical damage to food from the outside world, as well as resisting the invasion of insects and microorganisms, etc.

        Most milk powder packaging bags are flushed with nitrogen in order to isolate them from ground contact with the air and prevent oxidation, fading, corruption, and various mold and bacterial infringement caused by direct contact between the atmosphere and infant milk powder, thereby ensuring it improves the freshness of infant milk powder and extends the storage period of infant milk powder.

        There are several types of packaging for milk powder, such as iron box packaging, plastic flexible packaging bags, environmentally friendly cartons, etc. Today we will mainly introduce plastic flexible packaging bags and environmentally friendly cartons.

Plastic flexible packaging bags

        Sealing form: heat sealing

        Plastic flexible packaging bags are also a common form of packaging for infant milk powder. Given the maturity and superiority of flexible packaging technology, sealing and barrier properties are not difficult to achieve. However, the disadvantages of this type of packaging still exist in that it cannot be conveniently used in quantitative quantities after the bag is opened, and the safety and freshness of the milk powder cannot be guaranteed. Plastic flexible packaging bags are widely used in the field of food packaging, and the technology is relatively mature. The key points of packaging performance control of plastic flexible packaging bags mainly lie in the detection of heat-sealing performance of packaging materials.

Environmentally friendly carton packaging

        Sealing form: heat sealing or adhesive sealing

        Many foreign producers use environmentally-friendly carton packaging, which is environmentally friendly, simple and low-cost. However, the moisture-proof performance is not good, and packaging problems such as crushing injuries are very easy to occur during storage and transportation. At the same time, this kind of packaging cannot solve the problem of convenient quantitative access. After unsealing, the protection of the contents is greatly reduced. Environmentally friendly carton packaging, with its environmentally friendly concept and exquisite printing, has also been favored by many milk powder companies. Paper packaging is prone to moisture and has poor oxygen barrier properties. Therefore, the moisture-proof performance and pressure resistance of packaging are very important performance control points.

The first two types of packaging are relatively traditional. In order to better control the quantity and portability of milk powder each time, there is also a stick-shape packaging for milk powder.

        The advantage of stick packaging is that it is quantitative and portable. On the one hand, it can well control the proportion of formula milk powder, and on the other hand, it is more hygienic and convenient. Stick packaging can carry out high-precision quantitative filling, and the minimum can be 0.2g. Eat a small packet of milk powder at a time to truly feed the baby a ration.

        Secondly, stick-shape packaging is easy to carry and avoids secondary waste; the humanized rounded corner design is not easy to be scratched and ensures the safety of parents and babies.

        In fact, stick-shape packaging can be said to be a reduced or improved version of plastic flexible packaging bags, which can only solve the disadvantages of poor sealing after opening of traditional plastic flexible packaging.

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