Packaging for agricultural products

March 27, 2024

Agricultural products are everywhere we often come into contact with in our daily lives. So what kind of packaging is used for agricultural products? Today we will learn about the packaging used for several common agricultural products.

Packaging for rice


Single layer plastic packaging bags

        They have good moisture-proof and waterproof properties, which are suitable for long-term storage and transportation.

Paper packaging bags

        Paper packaging bags are environmentally friendly and degradable materials, mainly including kraft paper, kraft cardboard, white cardboard, etc. Compared with plastic packaging bags, paper packaging bags are denser and not good at moisture-proof performance, but they have good air permeability, which are easy to print and lightweight. Paper packaging bags are suitable for short-term storage and transportation.

Laminated material packaging bags

        Laminated material packaging bags are made of two or more materials. Common packaging bags include plastic aluminum, plastic paper, plastic-plastic laminated, etc. Plastic-aluminum laminated packaging bags have good moisture-proof and anti-oxidation effects. They are suitable for high-end and long-term storage. Plastic paper laminated packaging bags have good moisture resistance and tough texture, which are suitable for long-term storage and transportation.

        To sum up, there are many choices for the materials of rice packaging bags. Packaging bags of different materials have different characteristics. According to the different characteristics of the product and the different packaging requirements, you can choose the appropriate rice packaging bag materials.

Packaging for fruits and vegetables

Polyethylene film

        The Polyethylene film is one of the most commonly used materials in fruit and vegetable packaging. It has good moisture-proof and oxidation-proof properties that can effectively delay the decay rate of fruits and vegetables. It is also dust-proof, mildew-proof as well as insect-proof. This material is suitable for packaging all kinds of fruits and vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, onions, ginger, garlic, etc.

        What you need to pay attention to when purchasing is that the thicker the polyethylene film, the better the preservation effect, but the price will be relatively higher.

Foam mesh cover

        Foam mesh sleeves are specially treated foam plastic products that have certain air permeability and cushioning properties to prevent fruits and vegetables from squeezing and colliding with each other during the packaging process, thereby reducing the damage and rot rates of fruits and vegetables. This material is suitable for packaging fruits and vegetables that are easily damaged, such as bell peppers and strawberries.

        When purchasing, please note that the foam mesh cover can only be used once and cannot be reused.

Paper box

        Carton is an environmentally friendly and easily recyclable packaging material, and is also widely used in fruit and vegetable packaging. Cartons can effectively reduce the contact between fruits and vegetables and the external environment, thereby reducing the impact of oxygen and moisture on fruits and vegetables as well as maintaining the freshness and taste of fruits and vegetables. This material is suitable as packaging for apples, pears and other fruits.

        What you need to pay attention to when purchasing is that the thicker the material of the carton, the stronger the load-bearing capacity, and the better the protection effect for fruits and vegetables.

Modified atmosphere packaging

        Modified atmosphere packaging is a high-tech way to preserve fruits and vegetables. It adjusts the gas environment in the package to keep fruits and vegetables in a suitable gas composition, preventing them from being damaged by oxidation, microorganisms and other harmful factors, thereby extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. This material is suitable for packaging high-end fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, and cherries.

        What you need to pay attention to when purchasing is that modified atmosphere packaging needs to be carried out under special equipment and is generally not suitable for household use or small-scale businesses.

Vacuum packaging bags

        Vacuum packaging bags are a kind of packaging material that can exhaust all air and form a vacuum environment. It can effectively prevent fruits and vegetables from coming into contact with oxygen, thereby slowing down the oxidation rate of fruits and vegetables and extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. This material is suitable for packaging fresh meat, seafood, vegetables and other perishable foods.

        What you need to pay attention to when purchasing is that vacuum packaging bags need to be made of relatively flexible materials to adapt to changes in the size and shape of fruits and vegetables. In addition, all air in the packaging bag needs to be exhausted when sealing.

In short, it is necessary to choose different packaging materials for different fruits and vegetables. Only by choosing appropriate packaging materials can they play a good preservation role. In addition to the above five materials, there are other packaging materials that can also play a role in keeping fruits and vegetables fresh, such as paper boxes, wooden boxes, etc. Therefore, when selecting packaging, you need to consider the characteristics of fruits and vegetables and your own needs.

Packaging for eggs

        Common egg packaging includes plastic boxes, cartons, foam boxes, grid boxes and other materials.

Plastic box

        Plastic boxes are a kind of common egg packaging suitable for small-scale sales. It is moisture-proof, shock-proof, transparent and can visually display the quality and quantity of eggs. It is easy to clean, can be used multiple times, has a relatively simple process and low cost.

Paper box

        Carton is an environmentally friendly egg packaging material suitable for small and medium-sized sales. It is made of environmentally friendly materials and is moisture-proof, breathable, and shock-proof. It can maintain the quality of eggs and is easy to clean and recycle. At the same time, cartons can also be used for printing and packaging design to increase the aesthetics and brand image of the product.

Foam box

        Foam boxes are a common egg packaging material suitable for large-scale transportation and sales. It has good thermal insulation, moisture-proof, shock-proof and other characteristics, which can reduce the breakage rate of eggs during transportation. However, foam boxes are relatively expensive, easy to pollute and difficult to recycle.

Grid box

        Grid box is a new type of egg packaging material suitable for large-scale sales and transportation. It is made of plastic and has the characteristics of moisture-proof, breathable and shock-proof, which can ensure the quality and freshness of eggs. At the same time, the grid box can also be used multiple times and has recycling properties.

        In short, there are many types of egg packaging materials, and different materials have different characteristics and scope of application. When choosing egg packaging materials, you should consider comprehensive considerations such as sales scale, transportation distance, cost, and environmental protection to choose the packaging materials that best suit you.

Packaging for meat

        Generally, refrigerated meat sold in supermarkets is usually served on polystyrene trays, with absorbent paper placed on the bottom of the tray to absorb the meat juice, making the meat extra bright red and stimulating consumers' desire to buy.

Commonly used transparent film materials include the following:


        Cellophane is coated with nitrocellulose on one side. When this side comes into contact with meat, it can absorb the moisture on the meat surface and become saturated, thereby promoting oxygen penetration to maintain excellent color and reduce weight loss. However, it is not applicable if both sides of the cellophane are coated with nitrocellulose.


        It’s called PE for short. The material can be divided into low-density PE, medium-density PE and high-density PE. It has high permeability to oxygen, especially low-density PE. In addition, it has good acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance and water vapor permeability, making it very suitable for packaging fresh meat. The disadvantage of this material is its poor tensile strength and wear resistance.

Vacuum packaging 

        Vacuum packaging refers to extracting all the air in the packaging and using packaging materials with extremely low oxygen transmission rates to prevent external oxygen from penetrating, reducing the rate of oxidation and rancidity of fresh meat to ensure the freshness of fresh meat. After that, due to the blocking of oxygen, the meat will generally turn dark red, which damages the appearance. If the packaging is removed, the cooled meat will return to bright red color when exposed to oxygen. Therefore, vacuum packaging is generally used in hotels and some hypermarkets that require long storage times and high quality.

Modified atmosphere packaging

        Modified atmosphere packaging, also known as inflatable packaging, is to extract the air in the packaging bag and then fill it with a certain proportion of nitrogen, carbon dioxide gas and oxygen to minimize the possibility of oxygen penetration to inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms and thereby prolong the shelf life of the product. Modified atmosphere packaging of chilled meat can also maintain the color of the meat.

Vacuum heat shrink packaging

        The difference between vacuum heat shrink packaging and vacuum packaging is mainly reflected in the application scope of the product. Heat shrink packaging is mainly used for products that require moisture-proof coating. Vacuum packaging is mainly used for food that needs to "inhibit bacterial growth and avoid oxidation, mildew and spoilage of items." In principle, heat shrink packaging heats the shrink film to tightly fit the shrink film to the product. It not only achieves moisture-proof function, but also makes the product more beautiful.

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