A special order from Canada-child lock zipper bags

        This is a special order. The order comes from the customer in Canada. It took us nearly 10 months to communicate with the customer. Although it took a long time, due to our professional service attitude, the customer went from just making a general inquiry to placing an order later. This also showed that the customer gradually built up the trust in us and finally placed the order without hesitation. Although this process was somewhat tortuous and long, it was worthy.

        The customer is from Toronto, Canada, and she has her own factories in Vancouver and Toronto. The factory is relatively large. The customer needed child lock zipper bags. The total demand was 120,000 pieces, but there were 10 design layouts, and each layout had 8 different warnings. If calculated according to the regular layout, there were 80 designs. It only cost 80 printing rollers. Thus, the cost was undoubtedly extremely high. The customer also considered this issue at first, and initially asked us to quote based on a set of 8 cycles, but in fact the cost was not low. Therefore, we later reached an agreement with the client and changed the layout to a set of 4 cycles, which would reduce the printing fee a lot. After quoting the price with the customer, the customer was very satisfied with our price, so the customer also wanted to place a small order first. We needed to help them expedite the production of 30,000 bags for them, but when the order was placed, it was already close to the Chinese New Year. A few weeks ago, many workers in our factory were already on holiday. After we learned the exact needs of our customers, we also worked overtime to produce 30,000 bags on time for the customer before the Spring Festival without charging any additional fees. Because of our high efficiency and high-quality bags, the customer was very positive about us.

        According to the customer's order, 30,000 bags can be produced before the Spring Festival and an additional 90,000 bags can be produced after the Spring Festival holiday. So after starting working, we also completed the remaining orders from the customer in an orderly manner according to the original plan. But in the process of completing the remaining orders, we also encountered a small episode. The customer found that the URL and address in their design were wrong and wanted us to help them revise them. But at that time, we had already made the rollers for part of the layout, so we could only revise the layout again. We needed to verify the quotation with the customer for the revision fee, but the cost was indeed not low. At our suggestion, the customer modified three unprinted layouts, which also reduced the customer's cost. After confirming all the details with the customer, we continued production. The production cycle was about 10 days, and all our bags had been completed. After the bags were made, our quality inspection department would conduct batch inspections of the finished bags. During this quality inspection, our colleagues discovered that there were minor problems with the zippers of a small number of bags, so they quickly reworked them to ensure the quality of the bags. At the same time, we also communicated effectively with the customer to let her understand. Finally, we made sure that there were no problems with the bags and took videos and photos to the customer. The customer was quite satisfied. After the customer confirmed, we delivered all the bags to the customer's designated location on time and successfully caught up with the ship ordered by the customer. The customer was very satisfied with the bags we produced as well as our service attitude.

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