Characteristics of food packaging for Eid al-Fitr

April 18, 2024

        Eid al-Fitr 2024 has just ended, and as the most important religious festival for Muslims, Ramadan is comparable to Chinese New Year for people in China. During the festival, as with the Spring Festival, in addition to the usual religious activities, people will dress up to visit friends and relatives, greet loved ones and wish each other well. To set the mood, people usually buy new furniture and more household items, which increases consumer demand.

Today, I will tell you about Eid al-Fitr and talk about the general food packaging for Eid al-Fitr.

        What is Eid?

        When it comes to Eid, I have to say Ramadan first. So what is Ramadan? Ramadan generally refers to the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is also the most auspicious and noble month of the year. During this month, Muslims abstain from all food and drink from sunrise to sunset each day until after sunset, when they break their fast by eating or drinking. Eid al-Fitr, the day after the end of Ramadan, is the Muslim festival of Eid al-Fitr, which is celebrated throughout the Muslim world and is usually a three-day holiday. Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr are celebrated in 48 countries.

        Now let's take a look at the characteristics of food packaging.

        Let's start with a specific example. Ketupat (Malay dumplings), a traditional food in Muslim countries in Southeast Asia, is found in the cultures of Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore and the Philippines. What’s more, it is used not only as a festive food for Eid al-Fitr, but also as a ceremonial gift in areas such as Bali. Ketupat is like a Chinese zongzi, the shape of diamond with rice. Diamond-shaped pockets are made of woven palm and then boiled. Once fully cooked, the woven palm is cut and peeled so that the rice can be thinly sliced and served with meat and vegetables.

        And this traditional food is now highly distinctive in a new kind of packaging. In a minimalist style, the colors are only black and white. The four human desires are represented by the clash of words and patterns, conveying the product concept of "It's not too late to say sorry". By deconstructing the shape of traditional Malay dumplings and combining geometric outlines with text, this packaging creates a new simplicity in traditional food packaging.

        For the Ramadan packaging, some of the foods are packaged in a more traditional way with a modern twist. For example, some traditional foods are placed in bamboo baskets and wrapped in cloth or paper. For Muslims, green is one of their favorite colors, so they often use green cloth or paper to wrap the food and then add special decorations.

        If we look at all the Eid food packaging, we will see that many of them have one thing in common: there is a moon on the packaging, which is so important to Muslims. So what does it represent? The rising of the new moon is the beginning of the first day of the month. The Islamic month of Ramadan is the month from the first day you see the new moon to the day you start fasting. Therefore, we will see the presence of the new moon in Muslim-related packaging. Another common feature on packaging is the Islamabad, an architectural style unique to Muslims.

        In terms of colors, the most common colors are dark green and gold. 

        In Islam, the color green in Islam mainly refers to the change of seasons and the vitality of nature, representing the meaning of life, hope and renewal. The color gold tends the splendor. 

        So these two colors are most widely used in Eid packaging design. In recent years, some packaging will be used to match dark purple and gold, which will emphasize its high-end feeling. At the same time, in these years, the packaging design will be especially designed to make the layout more cartoonish, so that the visual effect is more intimate in order to promote more consumption.

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