Upgraded child lock bags

April 25, 2024
Upgraded child lock bags

        We have a customer in Canada and we have produced a series of child lock bags specifically for them. Recently, they sent us their new bag and wanted us to produce this new bag for them. This time the bag is still a child lock bag, which shows that child lock bags are very popular abroad. For more sensitive items that children cannot touch directly, child lock bags play a very important role.

        Child lock zipper bags were originally designed to prevent children from easily opening the bag to avoid injury. Some products are not suitable for children, such as washing powder, tobacco and other inedible and risky products, so child lock zipper bags are widely used by these manufacturers. For child lock bags, the principle is relatively easy. Generally speaking, the zipper head of a child-lock zipper bag will be equipped with a special lock that needs to be pressed or rotated to unlock. In this way, only adults who have mastered the unlocking method can open the zipper bag, and children cannot open it easily.

        This new child lock bag has certain updates compared to the previous child lock bags. So what are the similarities and differences between this child lock bag and the previous child lock bags? Let’s chat together today!

        Judging from the materials of the bag, this child lock bag is the same as the previous bags. They are both made of PE and have the same thickness. The size of the bag is not much different, and the bottom width is 2cm. There are two main aspects of difference.

        The bags have different styles in the design layout. The previous bags had many colors, and each bag had one color as the main background, that is to say, the bag had one color as its theme, and the others were the customer's logo and product name. The design is relatively simple, but also relatively single, giving people a serious feeling. 

        But this time, the layout of the new bag no longer uses one color as the main color, but uses lines of several colors to cover the entire layout, which makes it feel less monotonous and more dynamic. Secondly, their logo and product name are on the front. The fonts are specially made of artistic fonts, which are no longer so restrained and give people the feeling that the fonts are graffiti and more vivid. The product is introduced through text on the back. From the perspective of layout and color, the design of the bag makes the product more dynamic and more attractive to consumers.

        The biggest difference between this bag and the previous bag is the child lock zipper.

        Although child-lock zippers are all double-buttoned of which principle is the same, this time through a smarter design, the zipper has been upgraded in function to better play the functional role of the child-lock bag. The opening method of the child lock is different and the position of the child lock is more hidden so that children can’t notice it and prevent children from noticing and opening the zipper intentionally. What’s more, the bite of the zipper is larger, which means that a certain amount of strength is required to open the zipper. the kids cannot open it and require a certain amount of strength to open it. Of course, after many experiments, the zipper is still as good as new after repeated closing and opening. It can be seen that the quality of the child lock zipper has also been greatly improved this time.

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