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September 23, 2022
This product with an advanced stylus gives users the same feeling of writing or drawing on real paper with a real pen or pencil.


1.How do we guarantee the quality?
The factory own a first-class advanced production lines, a gravure ink invented independently and a standard-testing laboratory. Also we will produce a free sample in strict accordance with customers requirements before confiming mass production to ensure the quality of our product.
2.What can you buy from us?
Our company can produce packing bags, food packing bags, packing box, BOPP, PET Film and etc.
3.Who are we?
Shenzhen Global Fortune Package CO., Ltd is specializing in the production of flexible packaging for food, thin film products and daily necessities.  We have our own factory to support producing high quality products. Also, with an annual output value of 30-40 million RMB.


1.Personalising product can be designed and produced.
2.The manufacturer's own production advantage;
3.A small amount of the products is also to be accepted, and we are pleased to design a plan for you with the lowest investment cost;
4.The factory own a first-class advanced production line, a gravure ink invented independently and a standard-testing laboratory to make sure the quality of the products;

About Global Fortune Package

Shenzhen Global Fortune Package CO.,LTD is a professional  company focusing on the production of flexible packaging for food, thin film products and daily necessities. Taking advantage of the manufacturer's own production, avantgarde packaging design concept and professional technical team, it is able to design and produce safe, stable and generous products with the lowest investment cost according to the needs of customers. At present, the company is growing rapidly, and the customers are spreading all over the world. With the high quality of the product and a good reputation of the enterprise , it expresses confidence of domestic and foreign customers. And the company also adheres to the development concept of "Valued for quality , the honest operating and double-wins ".

It is important to know the process of coffee roasting because it is the most important reason of using value and zipper. The coffee beans will be expended when they are roasted and the SILVERSKIN which is easy to cause fire started dropping. Also water within beans evaporated. Carbon dioxide and steam will be produced. The vacuum packing will burst for these gases. When starting to release them, the coffee beans will be oxidated by oxygen and they will be deteriorated. That’s it need a packaging with  special air value. It is a kind of unidirectional value which means the carbon dioxide can be out by this value and oxygen can’t touch the beans.

To make a long story short, the value has three functions. First and foremost, it is damp proof so it is easy to preserve. Second, it is could protect beans when collision happened. The gas within packing will be released from the value and reduce the possibility of risks. Third, customers can smell the taste of beans which will help them to buy the satisfied beans.

However, it has some shortcoming. For example , the smell of coffee beans can only last for a month and then it will be disappeared by the time. But sealing the value can maintain for a long time . At the same time , just Roasted Coffee need to use these value.  

I hope this article can help you learn more about coffee bags with value and zipper. Thank you for your reading. If you are interested in these articles, you can subscribe to our public accounts.  


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