Do you know the differences of all kinds of stand up pouches?

July 26, 2022

   Stand up packaging pouch is a packaging bag that can stand without any support when opened. It can greatly improve the grade of the product with a good visual effect. In addition, it is easy to use. The kind of the pouch is environmentally friendly as well as having good sealing performance. It can reduce oxygen permeability and prolong the shelf life of the products inserted .

    However, do you know what kind of stand up pouches are and what advantages and disadvantages they have? What kind of stand up pouches will you choose? It depends on mostly what you insert to.

   Last week we had a customer who was looking for a stand up pouch that could hold her products--nuts. She had ordered a kind of ordinary stand up pouch before. However, the pouch wasn’t what she really wanted. What she wanted is the pouch which could be opened many times. What was more, the stand up pouch must be with a window that her customers could see her nuts clearly. According to her requirement, we suggested that a three-side sealing stand up pouch with zipper and window be the best pouch. Moreover, the price of this kind of pouch was  adaptable. At last, the customer ordered this kind of pouches from us.

   So we need to decide what kind of pouches and what structure of pouches based on what you insert to and what effect of your products you want to display for customers through the packaging.


Now, Here is some introduction on what kind of stand up pouches below. 

   1. Ordinary stand up packaging pouch

     It is a general form of stand up packaging bags , which adopts the form of four-side sealing and cannot be re-closed and repeatedly opened. This kind of bags is generally used in the industrial supplies industry.

Custom Christmas Packaging Bag Stand Up With Hole Zipper Bag

  1.    2.stand up pouch with suction nozzle

  2. Custom Juice Jelly Packaging Bags Drink Pouch Spout Pouch

       The self-supporting packaging bag with suction nozzle is more convenient for pouring or absorbing what is put insert. What‘s more, compared with ordinary pouch, it is can be re-closed and opened repeatedly.



Hot Sale Stand Up Drink Pouch Spout Pouch Customized logo Resealable Plastic Retort Pouch                 Recyclable Custom Stand Up Drink Pouch Spout Pouch Plastic Food Grade Pouch

               Due to its unique feature, it can be considered as a combination of a stand up pouch and a normal bottle mouth. This pouch is usually used for liquid, gel, semi-solid products such as beverages, ketchup, edible oil, jelly, shower gel, shampoo and other beverages, sauces, and daily necessities packaging.

  3.stand up pouch with zipper(&window)

     Custom Colorful Stand Up Zipper Bag With Cartoon Window

     The stand up bag with zipper can also be re-closed and opened repeatedly. Since the zipper is not completely closed with limited sealing strength, this kind of pouch is not suitable for use in encapsulating liquids and volatile substances. 

Customized Pouches Stand Up Zippper Bag Snack Food Packaging Bag

     According to the different ways of edge sealing, it is divided into three-side sealing self-supporting packaging bags and four-side sealing self-supporting packaging bags. Stand up pouches with zipper are typically used for lighter solids such as beans,candies, biscuits, jellies, dried fruit, etc.while four-side sealing pouches can also be used for heavier products, such as rice and cat litter.

Stand Up Kraft Paper Pouches With Oval Window Ziplock Packaging Bag

   4. shaped stand-up packaging pouch 

Hot Sale Shaped Pouch With Zipper For Snack Candy Biscuit Packaging Bags

      According to the packaging needs and attraction of customers, the waist, bottom or handle can be designed to be different shapes from that of ordinary pouches. It is a new type of self-supporting packaging bags.

Custom Shaped Pouch Christmas Plastic Bag Food Storage Big Logo Eco Friendly Packaging

     With the progress of society, the improvement of people's aesthetic level and the intensification of competition in various industries, the forms of their design and printing have become more and more as well as their pouch shapes . The development of shaped stand-up pouches has gradually replaced the status of traditional stand-up pouches.

Wholesale Jar Bottle Shaped Pouch Resealable Plastic Food Storage Pouches With Zipper

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