Gravure Printing VS Digital Printing

August 02, 2022

   Digital printing and gravure printing have their own different imaging technologies and transfer processes, but their ultimate goal is to produce printed matters that meet visual and functional requirements. The obvious difference is based on whether printing rollers are used or not.

   First of all, there is a brief comparison table blow,

   However, why are these printing ways so different?


   Here are some comparisons between them from different views as following,


   After confirming artwork

     Gravure printing belongs to copperplate printing, which is to be engraved patterns and texts by hand or electronic engraving machine, and then be coated with a layer of chrome. Relatively speaking, in gravure printing, plate rollers need making and engraving before printing, which is time-consuming and material-wasting.


     The digital printing is that a fully digital production project from the computer directly to the printed matter. There is no need for film and printing plates in the process. In addition, there are no cumbersome processes of traditional printing processes, no plate-changing time. Moreover, it can guarantee fast drying of ink, which means that the next progress can be started immediately.


     Digital printing is relatively simple and requires less labor than gravure printing. Especially when switching from one progress to another, it only needs the corresponding electronic file to print while traditional gravure printing requires constantly tuning colors. The operation of digital printing is easier to learn which is controlled by numbers. Thus, the requirements for the operator's experience are relatively low, unlike traditional gravure printing, which takes a long time to train an operator.

   Comprehensive quality requirements of operators

     Digital printing has more requirements. A competent digital printing operator must not only understand printing skills, but also understand machinery, electronics and English etc., so as to eliminate daily occurrences.


   Environmental protection

     Digital printing technology is also better than traditional printing in terms of environmental protection. It mainly performs direct imaging through toner and bubbles, which greatly improves the working environment, greatly shortens the printing cycle, reduces manual operations, reduces the consumption of printing materials and improves product quality. Since there is no need for printing plates,the volatilization of the solvent is largely avoided during the transfer of graphics and text. As a result, the harm to the environment is effectively reduced.


   Printing quality

     The quality of the gravure printing is better than digital printing but digital printing can meet general quality requirements.


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Printing by digital printing (color saturation has good performance)

   Printing cost

     the MOQ of digital printing is lower than gravure printing because its loss rate is low. However, because their cost of per sheet is fixed. So when the quantity of printing products becomes large, the cost will be higher than that of gravure printing. Thus, it is suitable for short-run printing.

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