Why Are the Price of Flat Bottom Pouches High?

August 18, 2022

Why are the price of flat bottom pouches high?

Customized Eight-side Sealing Bag With Zipper Coffee Bag

Flat bottom pouch is also called eight-side sealing pouch, which is one type of gravure printing composite flexible pouches. It’s currently mainly used in the packaging for some products with relatively high added value. When customizing plastic packaging pouches, we will find that flat bottom pouches are much more expensive than any other pouch in spite of all of them with the same size and materials. However, do you know why the flat bottom pouches are so expensive?


First of all, let's take a look at the advantages of eight-side sealing plastic packaging pouches? Knowing the advantages and the reason that cause the eight-side sealing plastic packaging pouches has a high cost, you can make a reasonable choice according to your need.

1. The eight-side sealing plastic packaging pouches have more printing surfaces than other types of pouches. Generally speaking, The eight-side-sealed plastic packaging pouches can be printed on at least 6 sides which are convenient for you to use more abundant patterns and texts on printing sides to describe and promote your products. 

Customized Eight-side Sealing Bag Coffee Nut Pet Food Packaging Bag

2. The bag making machine for eight-side sealing pouches is expensive.Only large plastic packaging bag manufacturers will have eight-side sealing bag making machines.


3. In the process of bag making, the reject rate of eight-side sealing pouches is higher than that of other types of pouches, reaching as much as 20-50%. Moreover, the high reject rate is unavoidable.

4. Since the eight-side sealing plastic packaging bag need to be folded more times than others, the materials used for this kind of pouch will also increase a lot.

Therefore, compared with other kinds of pouches with the same capacity, not only do eight-side sealing plastic pouches have a larger MOQ, but also the unit price of them is more expensive.

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