Christmas food packaging —taking you into Christmas in 1 second

September 19, 2022

Christmas is coming soon ! At this time, a variety of food products appear on the shelves. As we know, special and interesting packaging often grabs customers’ attention for the first time. So how should we design our packaging? Here are some good cases for you!

As one of the most important festivals in western countries, Christmas holds special meanings for the people, which carries the summary of their past year as well as their wishes for the New Year and their longing for reunion. Therefore, it is also a good time for people to make big purchases. The packaging of goods can always attract the attention of consumers on the shelf, and bring good growth performance to the goods producers during the special time. Thus, each of manufacturers is secretly working hard with all-out efforts to touch consumers by packaging expressing holiday information.


I. Kettle Chips

Limited packaging



Image source: Springetts

Brand: Kettle Chips


The presence of potato chips is always accompanied by sharing with family and friends. Moreover, the festive atmosphere highlights the meaning of potato chips. 

A ribbon and blank gift tag have been added to the Christmas packaging for each flavor of Kettle Chips, allowing people to add some personal touches when sharing the chips with their relatives and friends. Each flavor has its own paper design, customized to individual ingredients and flavors, while also maintaining Kettle's bold and colorful shelf image. Meanwhile, our dear "Grandpa Whitebeard" and his dashing Santa hat have not been forgotten, subtly appearing on the packaging.

II. Brand:2/3 Dolci

Designer:ROKO Studio

ROKO Studio has designed a range of festive packaging for 2/3 Dolci's Christmas treats. Delicate geometric patterns which are inspired by traditional Italian patterns, interwoven on the surface of the packaging without special illustrations. In the use of color, festive colors of blue and red adorn the box, and gold shines highlighting luxury features from different geometric shapes. From chocolate boxes ,hanging decorative star boxes even to Christmas tree-shaped tin boxes, with eye-catching optical illusions and elegant patterns, the packaging boxes can be tucked directly under the tree or directly Hanging on the Christmas tree without additional wrapping paper.



Image source: DIELINE




Snowman, Christmas tree, cute girl, and the most important guest of this festival, Santa Claus, alternately shuttle under the geometric door of the main visual works, using hide-and-seek-like character changes to evoke everyone's curiosity of the mysterious legends behind the festival. The main colors of this design are red and green as well as gold added to the Christmas castle. All elements of the packaging are related to Christmas--- the magical castle stands on top of the cake wrapper, providing a joyful atmosphere.



Image source:IF DESIGN


VI. Reindeer Candy Carton Packaging

DesignerNatalia Kruglaya

If you ask who Santa's best friend is, it must be the cute reindeer that takes him on a long journey and that brings happiness to every family. As one of the most popular symbols of Christmas, the appearance of reindeer can often bring a strong festive atmosphere all at once. When you see such a cute little buddy on the shelf, can't you help taking it home?


Image source:Natalia Kruglaya

IIV. Christmas tea packaging





Image source:Core77 Design Award


DesignerMint - Maja Matas, Kresimir Miloloza, Jozo Matas.

The core value of Christmas is to gather and share joys with those who you care about . The designers designer the packaging wisely from the value. The tree tea bag makes every step full of surprises when you open the product. The first thing you see is the top of the Christmas tree that pops up. After opening the box, you see rows of green pine trees. Then when you pick up a Christmas tree and prepare to make a cup of tea, you suddenly find that the bags for two persons sharing are  hanging under the tree. It emphasizes the joy of sharing with the one who you care about. Come and have a cup of warm Christmas tea with the one who you want to share on the cold winter.


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