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September 30, 2022
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1.How do we guarantee the quality?
The factory own a first-class advanced production lines, a gravure ink invented independently and a standard-testing laboratory. Also we will produce a free sample in strict accordance with customers requirements before confiming mass production to ensure the quality of our product.
2.Why choose us?
Shenzhen Global Fortune Package CO., Ltd has 30 years of production experience,  specializing in packing and printing, accurate delivery dates, high-quality products, and honest management. It is your best supplier.
3.What can you buy from us?
Our company can produce packing bags, food packing bags, packing box, BOPP, PET Film and etc.


1.The factory own a first-class advanced production line, a gravure ink invented independently and a standard-testing laboratory to make sure the quality of the products;
2.The manufacturer's own production advantage;
3.A small amount of the products is also to be accepted, and we are pleased to design a plan for you with the lowest investment cost;
4.Personalising product can be designed and produced.

About Global Fortune Package

Shenzhen Global Fortune Package CO.,LTD is a professional  company focusing on the production of flexible packaging for food, thin film products and daily necessities. Taking advantage of the manufacturer's own production, avantgarde packaging design concept and professional technical team, it is able to design and produce safe, stable and generous products with the lowest investment cost according to the needs of customers. At present, the company is growing rapidly, and the customers are spreading all over the world. With the high quality of the product and a good reputation of the enterprise , it expresses confidence of domestic and foreign customers. And the company also adheres to the development concept of "Valued for quality , the honest operating and double-wins ".

Today, I will give you some new ideas to select right packaging and design good packaging, taking dessert packaging as an example.


Color matching of dessert packaging

  In fact, decorating dessert packaging is as if wearing clothes. First of all, you need to consider the color matching. The basic rule of color matching of clothes --- no more than three colors on the whole, which is also applicable to dessert packaging.

No more than four at most, otherwise it will look too messy.


The most commonly used colors for dessert packaging are three basic colors: brown, white and transparent.

The main colors of the Christmas theme are four colors: red, green, gold, silver.


We can choose three colors from these two types of colors to match together.

Then you can highlight the Christmas theme without looking messy.



How to match them? shown as the following:


One basic color+2 Christmas theme colors (e.g. white+gold+green)


Or 2 basic colors+1 Christmas theme color (e.g. white+brown+red)



Christmas packaging theme


Decorative elements refer to the small patterns that can highlight our Christmas theme in the packaging and decorations. For example, Santa Claus and elk are classic Christmas elements. Decorative elements need to be selected together with colors.



Santa Claus








small bell


Gingerbread man




Natural elements such as wreath, pine branch and pine cone


Select the elements that you prefer, and then we can go to the next step~


Select packaging materials

We will choose specific packaging materials according to the selected colors and materials.

I. Paper box

It is a kind of packaging material that can be complex or simple. Different specifications are selected for different desserts, such as cookie boxes, cake roll boxes, birthday cake boxes, and cupcake boxes with paper trays inside. It is sure that the hard the material is, the better the packaging is. You need to buy cartons of a grade that can directly contact with food so that there will be no potential safety and health hazards.


As for colors and patterns, brown kraft paper boxes and pure white paper boxes are the most versatile. You can also buy ones in stock . There are many well-designed cartons boxes that are beautiful enough without other decorations.

II.Transparent plastic pouch


Transparent plastic food pouches are one of the best packaging because they can let people see the delicious food inside. The most practical sizes are “cookie” size, “sheet weight cake “size etc..  With other small stickers and colorful cardboard with patterns or logo, you can create any desired style you want .




III. Stand up pouch with/without window


Stand up pouches can hold some candies or cookies and so on.The self-supporting shape can attract people's attention. In addition, the design with windows will show people what is inside, but meanwhile it can stop from showing all food inside, giving people some association. For children, let them daydream about this gift, which can make the atmosphere of the festival and increase the happiness.


High Quality Christmas series packaging bags Wholesale

IV.Oil paper


Oil paper is a kind of the common materials. For decoration and packaging we can use oiled paper instead of big white oil paper at home. At least, it must be kraft colored oil paper in order that it looks textured. If you want your gifts more luxury, you can use oil paper with English newspaper patterns or other patterns.




IIV. Hard color cardboard


Colored cardboard can be used everywhere, and is the backbone player that can support the appearance of packaging!. If you want to create any style, just choose the style of cardboard such as INS Style, Japanese Style, and Retro Style. It may also be put in the bag to directly touch the food. Thus remember to buy safe grade cardboard.


About the Christmas packaging, there will be more wonderful and specific product introduction! Let's wait and see! To be continued...

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